16. Have a Little Kiss

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So I think you're all pretty happy they're together :P but there's lots more to come with them! I hope you like this chapter and please do let me know what you think of it, comment and make the end of my week :D 

My grandparents went off to that holiday and from what they’ve told me, they’ve had a really nice time away in the Costa del Sol. I think it did them some good to get away from home and from me, I guess, just giving them some much needed breathing space.

This week has been better than I had anticipated, but that might be because I have the most doting boyfriend in the world. He’s spent every day with me this week, especially as I had the house to myself and didn’t want to be lonely. Cole has been incredible. He’s sat and watched me practice choreography routines for my first dance class coming up soon and has recorded me so I could see what looked best. He’s been so supportive and encouraging of my passion for dance. I never would have thought I’d have the confidence to dance in front of anyone, but Cole’s brought it out in me. He gives me this confidence with just a few words or encouragement.

However, this new status of us being in a relationship together brings problems, which Cole is reluctant to sort out.

‘You still need to tell Esme,’ I mention. We’re currently lying out on the beach, which must be our favourite place, with Cole snapping pictures of me each and every second, but when I tell him about Esme and he freezes and tenses up. We’ve not discussed it much, but I know he doesn’t want to tell her. I know it’s not because he likes her in that way, but because he’s simply scared.

He puts his camera down as I continue. ‘She needs to know. It’s not fair on her if she’s still pining for you.’

He sighs and runs his hand through his hair, another habit of his, which I’d love to take over myself. ‘I don’t think she’ll take it well. If you’re right about her feelings, then she’ll probably get angry.’

‘If she’s a real friend, she’ll understand.’

He shakes his head. He’s adamant on this one. ‘Esme isn’t like that. She won’t be happy. She doesn’t like not getting her own way.’ Well that sounds like a familiar trait.

‘It’s better that you tell her though rather than her find out second hand.’

‘I will,’ he assures me, brushing it to the side. ‘But tonight, are you free?’

I nod.

‘Perfect then, because I’m going to take you out on our first date,’ he begins, playing with my hair, knowing that I love it. I didn’t mention exactly why I love it, but Cole continues with his sensory stimulation regardless. ‘It’s been nearly a week and I’ve not even taken you on a proper date yet.’

I feign shock. ‘I should just end things now with you,’ I tell him sarcastically.

Smirking, he pinches my cheek before adding, ‘I’ve not even kissed you yet.’

I purse my lips together and widen my eyes. That has been playing on my mind all week the fact that we hadn’t kissed. I thought it was a sure fire sign that he had gone off of me and didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore with me or that he didn’t find me physically attractive, I wouldn’t blame him to be honest, but thank goodness I am wrong. I even called Belle up worried that he’d made no attempts to kiss me yet.

‘Are you going to?’ I ask daringly, playing with the hair at the nape of his neck which I’ve discovered he loves too. He has such soft baby hair there, it’s like touching silk.

‘Of course, just when you least expect it,’ he winks, before snapping some more pictures. I pick up a thick stone and start writing on the beach with my own personal photographer following me as I write out Cole and Hope in a heart. I look over my shoulder at Cole and he’s mere centimetres away from me as he encircles my waist.

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