26. Have a Little Hangover

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After walking back home, which takes me over half an hour, I storm back into my grandparents house and head straight up to my room, taking out the bottle of wine from the flimsy carrier bag of which I angrily purchased on the way back home from the local newsagents. I can’t even stand the taste of wine, but I am so annoyed with Cole right now that all I want to do is I to temporarily forget his attitude problem and drown my sorrows. After shutting my door, I grab a cup with a little water left over in it from the night before and tip it into my sink before filling it filled to the brim with wine.

I know I’m going to regret this, but I just don’t care.

All that ever happens is people walk out of my life on me. My mum, my dad, old friends and now Cole; do I really mean so little to everyone? Taking the glass, I glug down the sharp, acrid wine, feeling it burn the back of my throat and feel it immediately send little bubbles to my head.

God I hate alcohol.

I spend the rest of my evening blaring music out of my iPod speakers, when my Nan knocks at my door, whilst I’m drying up the last of the wine from the bottle.

‘Hope, it’s a little too loud in here,’ she says, and I watch as she eyes up my glass and the bottle of wine in my hands. ‘What’s happened?’ She asks full of concern, sitting down on my bed and turning my music down.

I don’t even think I can talk without slurring. Or think for that matter.

‘Nothinggg,’ I slur, hiccupping midway through.

‘Has something happened with your mum?’

I scoff and then place my hand on my head. It’s throbbing. I can’t even see straight.

‘I think you should get some sleep,’ she says softly, taking the bottle out of my hand, but I snatch it back from her.

‘Why does everybody leave meeee?’ I slur at her. ‘What have I done wronggggg?’

She helps walk me back over to my bed from my chair and she helps me take my jeans and socks off, before taking the bottle away from me. She places my duvet over me and sits, stroking my face, just like my dad always used to do when I was little, but I begin to cry.

‘I don’t want to do any of this anymore,’ I sob, callously wiping my tears away.

‘What happened today?’ She asks sadly, brushing my hair out of my face.

‘Cole. He drove off from meeee,’ I cry, angrily swiping the tears away from my damp cheeks. ‘He left me, Nan. He just, I don’t know, left me!’

‘What happened before he left?’ She asks calmly.

I go to grab the bottle on my bedside table to take another glug of wine, but my Nan stops me, taking it out of my hands. Sighing, I tell her, ‘We went to hospital and he got all stubborn.’

‘Like you,’ she laughs, but I glare at her. ‘Call and talk it through tomorrow, okay? Right now you’re drunk and need to sleep it off.’

‘Can you wait until I’m asleep before you go?’ I ask quietly, biting my bottom lip. I don’t want anyone else to leave me. I need my Nan right now. I let her settle me to sleep by stroking my forehead and before long; I’m out like a light.

The next morning, I feel like something is crushing my entire body and head. Oh dear God why did I get so drunk last night? The offending bottle of wine is sat on my bedside table, practically gloating at me for making me feel so ill. I sit up in bed and groan in pain. I feel as if I’m going to be sick.

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