22. Have a Little Focus

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Hiya! So I'm not very well :( hence delayed response to comments/uploads/reading of stories. I'm sorry. Hopefully I will be better soon. Please do let me know what you think of this chapter. Such a cute banner by Lyssa! Love the use of their nicknames :)

I head back to the hospital the next day, and while there are many other places I would rather be than stuck in a hospital, (ironic however with my potential career path) there is no one else I’d rather be spending time with than Cole. I trudge up the stairs, with drinks in my hands and Cole’s favourite snack and a plastic box of strawberries.

I squirt my hands with the hand sanitizer before I knock in his door, careful not to wake him, but hear his gruffly response telling me to enter. Relief washes over me knowing he is still alive. I knew he was this morning as I woke up to a lovely good morning text, but hearing and seeing him is entirely different.  I walk through and see Cole sitting in bed, frowning a little. Worried, I drop the things in a chair and head over to him. ‘Hey Flash, are you okay?’

He looks up at me from his low shoulders and sniffs himself. ‘I stink. I want a shower, but can’t with all these bloody machines.’

I look at all the lines he’s attached to and monitors and frown. ‘Give me a few minutes.’

Cole queries where I’m heading, but I leave him pondering to go and find a nurse. I track a familiar one down and hope she can help me. ‘Hi, my boyfriend, Cole, in room 500, he’d really like to get clean, but obviously he can’t because of his lines and monitors. Could you give me a basin bowl, soap and a flannel? I’d be happy to do it.’

She gives me a confused look and answers. ‘They have people to do that for him.’

‘Please, I’d really like to make this easier on him and I don’t mind helping to wash him.’

Reluctantly, she leads me off to get the bits and ten minutes later, I’m walking into the room with towels, hot water, bubbles and soap, ready to wash my stinky boyfriend.

Cole cocks his head and opens his mouth, but no words come out. ‘What the-?’

‘You wanted to be clean, so I sorted it. I can clean you,’ I tell him with a smile.

His face softens and he pulls me by my wrist to him. ‘You are so thoughtful.’ He looks at the steaming water and checks, ‘Are you sure you don’t mind?’

I shake my head and sit beside Cole as I pull back the covers. I ask Cole to shimmy out of his top and shorts, leaving him only in his boxers. I lather up the flannel and squeeze the excess water out as I lift his arm up. ‘Come here stinky,’ I tease, washing his arm pits first. I work from his neck downwards, taking my time and care to getting him as clean as he could be. Whilst doing this, I find out Cole’s soft spots and weaknesses. His sides are his ticklish parts and he has a little birth mark on his left hip and his happy trail is coarse and seriously sexy to touch. Cole’s feet, however, are mucky and require a whole extra tub of water.

‘What do you do with your feet?!’ I ask him, a little grossed out.  

He looks a little flushed as I clean his feet. ‘Thank you for doing this. I feel a lot better.’

I lean forward and kiss him briefly, before finishing his body scrub.

Cole then laughs to himself as I clean up his legs again and I ask him what he is finding so amusing. He looks up a little, his hair falling loosely over his brow bone and his eyes glinting with laughter as he confesses with a devilish smile, ‘It’s just, this is pretty hot what you’re doing to me, like a doctors and nurses fantasy, you bathing me as a nurse and I’m the patient. Sort of forbidden.’

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