15. Have a Little Blush

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Hello lovelies! So I think you’ll like this chapter :P Perfect song on the side for these two. Also, if you like reading HALH then I think you would love to read this undiscovered gem called The Boys You Do. I’ve become a massive fan and already Team Otto ;) so I definitely suggest you check it out, it’s linked in the external link for you or click through to SimplyEnchanted above :) Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Whether it’s Cole’s presence or being in his room, something magical happened last night, as I actually slept the whole night through. I didn’t wake up due to a nightmare, nor find myself wide awake at 2am with depressing thoughts, I just slept all night long, which is surprising considering the clanger he dropped on me yesterday.

Stretching in Cole’s bed, I feel a little cheeky. He gave up his bed for me and I didn’t even let him hear the words he wants me to say so badly. I know he wants more between us, and I’d be lying if I said the thought hasn’t been on my mind every couple of minutes ever since I woke up; thoughts about how Cole makes me so happy and how much fun I have with him fill my mind as I think more and more about the potential of us being in a relationship together.

I need to talk to him. It’s no use me sitting here thinking a million scenarios in my head, I need to see him and tell him what I think once and for all.

I let my feet touch the floor and stretch out again. I wore Cole’s T-shirt to bed last night as my jeans wouldn’t have been comfy to sleep in. Though the T-shirt is decent enough to wear on it’s on to see his parents in, so I slip on my jeans before heading for the kitchen. Walking down the stairs, I’m greeted by Jennifer who is bounding down ahead of me.

‘Hope! You stayed here last night?’

She takes my hand and leads me into the kitchen. She’s wearing these adorable matching penguin top and bottoms. She has the tiniest legs and perfect brown hair with golden highlights that I know she is going to be exactly like Belle and be a completely gorgeous when she’s old enough. She’ll definitely be attracting the attention of the boys.

‘Did you and Cole have sex last night?’ She asks inquisitively, looking up at me as we walk into the kitchen.

I gawp at her and spot Cole by the sink and hear him spit out his water in a choking motion back int the sink. ‘Are you okay?’ I ask concerned, but still blushing profusely from Jennifer’s question. Where the hell did that question come from?

He turns around, his cheeks tinted bright scarlet and he has the widest eyes. ‘Jen, you don’t just say stuff like that,’ he tells her embarrassedly. ‘Where did that even come from?’

I take a moment to scan Cole as he stares in shock at his sister. His morning hair is the best thing about him right now, all wild and thick. He’s just got boxers on with a loose T-shirt, which to say isn’t attractive would be a complete lie. He’s glowing this morning.

‘Where did what come from?’ Willa asks, moving into the kitchen.

‘That Cole and Hope had sex,’ Jennifer says innocently, choosing her seat at the table and plopping herself down.

Willa raises her eyebrow at us and Cole flushes bright red. ‘Mum!’

I bite my bottom lip as Willa apologises to me and then rests her hand on her daughter’s shoulder, and whispers, ‘Sweetheart, you don’t say stuff like that. Remember what we were saying the other night, it’s something private.’

I don’t think my cheeks could turn even more red than listening to this, but I find it amusing seeing Cole squirm at the awkwardness.

‘Sorry Hope, Jen had sex education classes last week,’ she says quietly, hoping I understand.

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