27. Have a Little Love

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Hey lovelies! So it's SUNNY here which makes me very happy and want to post, so you can make me happier by leaving sweet comments too :) Hope you enjoy this chapter...

Waking up the next morning, I immediately turn to my side to see Cole, lying there beside me with his chest rising and falling with every breath. Yawning, I grab my phone to check the time; it’s only 8am and I see that I have a new text message from my mum. Sighing, I open in and read that she’s free today to meet up to get university stuff. I had completely forgotten about her suggestion of buying bits, a way for us to bond and rekindle some affection, I guess, but I really don’t want to leave Cole’s side, especially not now. While I’m due to start at university in a little over a week’s time, it is the furthest thing from my mind right now. I have no idea if I’ll end up going, not if Cole is still like this. I daren’t even broach the subject; I’m too scared about what could happen to our futures.

I deliberate what to text back before settling on, ‘Thank you for offering, but now really isn’t a good time. Cole is on steroids and is due back in hospital soon so I don’t want to leave him until he gets the all clear in a few days. Sorry. Maybe another time next week?’

Within five minutes, she responds. ‘Hi Hope. Of course that’s fine, let me know when you’re free. Best wishes to Cole from me and Joseph. X’

I gaze at the text, before I hear Cole’s husky voice say, ‘You need to go and get your stuff, baby. You should have said yes.’

I look over my back and see Cole peering at my phone. He looks so alert this morning, he must have been awake for a little while before deciding to pipe up his voice. His hair is all tousled and he needs a bit of a shave, but he couldn’t look more gorgeous.

‘Well I’ve told her no, so there isn’t much you can do about it now, is there?’ I say with a teasing voice and kiss him slowly, savouring the feel of his soft lips on mine. ‘Good morning to you, by the way. Are you feeling okay?’

Cole shrugs and reclines back in his bed. I snuggle into the crook of his shoulder as his arm snakes around my body as he says, ‘I just feel nervous. I guess I’ve just got to see how these next few days pan out.’ I agree and rest my hand on his heart scar, feeling the beating strong and sigh a little. We don’t move for a while, just sit in the most comfortable silence when Cole breaks it and says, ‘I love waking up next to you.’

I smile and carefully move on top of him, straddling his hips with that deep V disappearing into his boxers as I run my hands up his torso before resting them on his shoulders. I feel Cole stir beneath me and I grin. ‘I love waking up next to you too.’

‘Even though you dribble,’ he smirks pulling me closer to his body.

‘I do not dribble,’ I laugh at him, whacking him on his head with a pillow.

He wrinkles his nose at me and pulls me down for a hug. I move against his body and he groans, murmuring, ‘Strawbs, don’t. I won’t be able to resist.’

‘I don’t want you to resist,’ I whisper. ‘I want you to give in,’ I purr seductively.

‘I’m never going to say no,’ he laughs, before lifting my top up and reminding me of how much he means to me and how my life would be incomplete and less wonderful without his presence in it.


Three days pass and as promised, I’ve not left Cole’s side. Willa and Edward have called us both hermits as we’ve been attached at the hip to one another and have barely left the house, only for a quick trip to see Jen’s dance performance, of which she rocked at. I was cautious as to whether we should have gone, as I didn’t want him getting any infections or putting too much stress on his heart, but Cole ignored me and wanted to be there for Jen.

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