25. Have a Little Fury

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I'm so glad you all liked the last chapter :D Dedicated to Tessa because I read her story Getting Over Matt and am currently reading Getting Under Nathan, and they are such great books; so funny, romantic and exciting, that I would highly recommend them! Externally linked for you :) 

‘You steal so much of the cover,’ Cole moans to me quietly two weeks later, yanking the duvet out from underneath my cocooned body and rolls over so his back is to me.

‘You’re the man,’ I mutter, grasping at the cover. ‘You should be a gentleman and let me have the cover.’

I pull the cover back and can hear Cole chuckle quietly. We’re both sleepy, particularly as we didn’t get to sleep until the wee hours of this morning. Cole drags my body back to snuggle in the shape of his own and rests his head beside mine and kisses at my neck, wrapping the duvet around us both.

‘I forgot to say good morning, beautiful,’ he says in a muffled voice.

I open one eye to see Cole staring at me and wrinkle my nose at him. 'Good morning, Flash.'

We don’t talk for a long while, as we’re too tired to bounce out of bed like most days, so we just relax with our eyes closed until I can hear my grandparents are up and about. They’re more than comfortable with Cole and me sharing my bed, but I want to respect them and show them that I am responsible and won’t just be cooped up in my bed with Cole, despite how enticing that sounds. Cole is practically around my house or I’m around his all the time now. Wow. My house. It’s weird saying that. My house. I guess my grandparents place feels like my home now and I never imagined it could feel that way. Regardless, Cole and I are continuing to spend as much time together as possible. I know I shouldn’t admit it, but I think we’ve become a lot closer since sleeping together, which can only be a good thing.

‘Your Mum called this morning,’ my Nan tells me after we’ve each got ourselves a bowl of cereal. Cole and I look up at her from eating breakfast in sync like some odd pair of meerkats. ‘She said she’s back in the country and would like for you to visit her if you wanted to.’

I spoon my cereal into my mouth and look over at Cole, wanting his opinion. He’s still the more level headed one. ‘Do you want to go and see her?’ He asks.

‘When do you have to be at the hospital for?’

He checks his phone before saying, ‘3pm. We could go before that?’

‘If you’re sure?’

‘Are you sure?’ He asks me quietly.

I twist my lip and nod, instinctively grabbing the house phone and type in my Mum’s number to call her to inform her we’ll be over this morning. While it’s awkward talking to her, the resentment is slowly fading, seeing I can actually tolerate listening to her now, which I think must be an improvement.

After getting changed, which takes a lot longer than it used to seeing as Cole insists we have time for a make out, we skip down to his car because we’re weird like that. He opens the door for me like the gentleman he is and kisses my lips before getting into the other side. The drive to my mum’s is pretty boring since Cole has a completely different music taste to me and that’s one thing he will not budge on. He’s adamant not to be turned into a pop groupie as he’s named me.

We pass many open expanses of green fields as we leave the sunny beach scene we’re both accustomed to. Soon enough, we’re there and knocking on my Mum’s front door. 

It’s weird to say that I think I have changed in the few weeks she’s been away. I’ve definitely mellowed out a little more and am not as angry at her as I was. It’s not like I want to have a relationship suddenly with her, more like I’m attempting to be amicable with her after the wedding.

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