14. Have a Little Shock

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Random trivia again! So as I was editing this chapter, one line made me think of this old school song (link to youtube on the side) I was a massive Ricky Martin/Christian Aguilera fan which totally shows my age. I thought the line ‘promises are made to be broken’ was in it, but I was mistaken, however this song is actually perrrfect for this chapter! Let me know if you agree :P Thanks for your wonderful comments as always! 

‘Hope, can you come downstairs please?’ My Nan calls up to me. Now? I quickly pace down the stairs, fully aware that Cole is due to be here in less than eighteen minutes. I go into the living room and watch as my grandparents share a look between them, before my Nan asks, ‘Have you thought anymore about that holiday you and your dad were meant to go on?’

Ugh. This is not the time to drop this bombshell on me; not least that Cole is vastly approaching my grandparent’s house. I hadn’t really thought that much about the holiday that my dad and I were meant to go on. Maybe I was in complete denial, but I didn’t think it would happen. I guess I can’t avoid talking about it for much longer seeing as it’s in a few days time.

I don’t respond to her, when she adds, ‘I might be good for you to get some time away and have a break from everything. A week in the sun relaxing should help you. You could ask Eloise or one of your friends to go with you. I’m sure Belle or Cole would go with you.’

‘Cole?’ Has she been noticing we’ve been spending a lot of time together recently? I guess it’s pretty hard to miss. I’ve spent near enough every day with him.

The perfect solution then pops into my head. ‘You and grandpa should go, Nan,’ I suggest to them instantly.   

‘Us? Why don’t you want to go?’ My Grandpa questions, as he places his book down on the coffee table.

I shake my head, not wanting to reveal the true reason why I don’t want to go on holiday. ‘Please, just, go. Enjoy the holiday. I’ll be okay here, I promise. I have Belle and Cole, so I’ll be okay. You two deserve a break from me, anyway. I know it’s been hard on you as it has been on me with Dad.’

My Nan’s face softens. She looks so drained and I know a lot of her stress is due to taking on her hormonal eighteen year old granddaughter. ‘We can always buy an extra ticket for you, Hope. We don’t want you to be missing out.’

‘No, I don’t want to go somewhere where dad and I were going to go together. I don’t like that thought,’ I answer sharply.

‘I understand, but there’s no need to snap, Hope.’

‘I’m not snapping. Gosh, Nan, I’m trying to be nice here, saying you can go on the holiday together. I don’t want to go on the holiday because I would have gone on it with my Dad and that’s not exactly a happy thought, is it? I don’t want to be reminded of what’s happened, thanks very much.’

My Nan casts a look over to my Grandpa and sighs. ‘Hope, you do test my patience, you know. You won’t talk to either of us about your Dad, you won’t call your mum, you just won’t listen, Hope! I know you’re not coping, but having an attitude with me isn’t going to help anything,’ she retorts, flattening the creases down in her floral skirt.

The door bell rings and all I can think is that I’ve been saved by the bell at getting out of a right rollicking from my unimpressed Nan. I can’t deal with arguing anymore now. ‘That’s Cole. I’m going to head out.’

‘We’ve not finished speaking-‘

I ignore my Nan and hurriedly answer the door to Cole, brushing aside my sadness and anger as much as I can. I relax as I see Cole, thanking up above that he arrived at just the right time. He looks really attractive this evening. He’s got simple dark jeans on with a plaid red and navy shirt on top from American Apparel and a graphic t-shirt peeking out from underneath. His hair is all mussed up and he looks like he’s has ran all the way in. He goes to come in, but I stop him, placing my hand briefly against his chest to push him out.

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