6. Freddie + What Lou Wants, Lou Gets

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Chapter Six

What Lou Wants, Lou Gets

Freddie +

I sat speechless in my chair as Joey disappeared through the door. The guy was seriously pissing me off. I was only staying calm with him because I kept hearing Lou say ‘Karma will get you too my dear!’ in my ear constantly.

He was such an ungrateful dick (though for Lou, an ungrateful bad person). What the heck was wrong with him anyway? I was trying to help him and he was shoving it back in my face each time. I decided I would stop trying. I would just do my part and then I could be free at the end of term. If he wanted to sit around doing nothing then he could do just that.

Shit. Why was it getting into me so much?

Yet little things he did made me smile. Like when he was kicking the table. I could tell it hurt him, and I could tell he only continued because I didn’t want him to. The pain in his face was hilarious, and his expression when he realised I’d known but still managed to get him to talk to me was even better. It was slightly immature of both of us, but it was funny.

Shit. What the heck was wrong with me?

When Joey eventually arrived, he sat in his seat heavily and glared at the screen, his arms crossed. I didn’t even look at him but continued putting down sixth forms I’d like to attend instead. We had five minutes left of the lesson and I wasn’t going to waste any more time on him. The quicker I got the project done, the better.


‘He left as quickly as he could with that Ryan guy and Abby von Ziegesar,’ I said, talking about Joey.

Sherry shook her head, ‘They all think they’re the greatest thing that hit this Earth, don’t they?’

I tilted my head slightly with a frown, ‘No, I, I don’t think that’s what Joey thinks… He’s always putting himself down-’

‘He should be. He’s a complete twat. The guy is going out with that slut, Courtney Bourne too. I mean what the hell? You realise she lost her V’s at eleven right?’

‘Who he goes out doesn’t exactly judge him,’ I started, unsure why I was even sticking up for the guy. Who he went out with said a lot about him.

‘Getting a soft spot for Joseph Hartman are we, Frederick?’ Sherry turned to me, eyebrows knotted together. She looked hilarious.

‘Nope,’ I denied with a smile, ‘Can we just go home please?’

Sherry grinned, ‘That we can do.’


In my house, Lou, Sherry and I lay in my living room in front of the T.V watching Friends but our conversation was actually about Sex and the City 2. Sherry was expressing her absolute hate for it, whilst Lou was adamant that it amazing. I stayed neutral, deciding not to get in between the both of them. Suddenly though, Lou got bored with the conversation and wanted to talk about something else, something more exciting. ‘So, Fred, what’s up with that Joey guy? Is he coming over or what?’

Sherry’s left eye almost popped, ‘What!?’   

‘Um, no, he’s not.’

‘Did you ask?’

‘Not exactly…’

‘Shame on you!’ Lou said, popping a Malteaser into her mouth and rolling into me slightly.

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