+ Positively Negative - | Freddie & Joey

+ Positively Negative - | Freddie & Joey

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Namaste. By YellowCottonHat Completed

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The story of Freddie and Joey. 

When worlds crumble and fall, who are you going to hold on to? And, most importantly, despite what you thought, what you were so sure of and who you had faith in, who is holding onto you? 

Freddie is damaged goods, and Joey's a confused homophobe. Can 'Love' really get them through depressing memories, uncertain relationships, difficult family members and growing obstacles that get in their way?
Well. Read and find out... [Gaawsh, I couldn't help it! makes it sound more ~~dun dun DUUNN~ doncha think?]

Tehe, original slash! 
<3 EN-friggin'-JOY

{Homosexuality included -everywhere- xD}
If you don't like/agree, don't read. Please and thank you! :) <3

May le big cheese be with you. ^-^

Mystical_unicornpoop Mystical_unicornpoop Jul 17, 2016
Please, check out my story. I'd really appreciate it.😋😋😄💟
YellowCottonHat YellowCottonHat Apr 22, 2013
@MyUserName83 Haha yeah! Harsh teacher >..<
                              @Duanna HUGS RETURNED! :D
MyUserName83 MyUserName83 Apr 20, 2013
Damn...detention for a whole year and it wasn't even Christmas!That's long!
Duanna Duanna Nov 26, 2012
I wanted more of ALL of them!!    T-T
                              But really your writing is so cool, i had such a great time reading it...
                              Oh and i loved Joey as bottom...~
                              Thanks and hugs from Brazil!
greenforesthero greenforesthero Jul 14, 2012
This got me in to the story, going to read the next chapter.
YellowCottonHat YellowCottonHat Apr 05, 2012
@ibeliveinyaoi @BelieveTheCritique Oh thank you! Sorry I didn't see these D: 
                              (I'm such a terrible wattpader -_-'')