21. Joey -+ Barely Breathing [Part Three]

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So.. The end of this chapter has arrived. One more to go, and I'm sorry to say I've no idea how long this one will take. I've got to be serious about my school stuff now, what with collages and sixth forms wanting certain GCSEs from me (jeez,) and there's going to be a bit of pressure anyway because it's the last chapter and I want it to be perfect. It's not going to be, but I'll be attempting to make it as close as anyway. 

Dammit. Peeing myself.

Hope you enjoy.

Chapter Twenty One

Barely Breathing Part Three

Joey -+

I looked at Freddie through the crack in the door that I’d opened. He was lying on his back staring up at the ceiling. We'd had sex. We'd fallen asleep. I'd woken first. It had been pretty dark outside when I'd looked out of his window, so I'd freaked and run (or limped) to his en suite to call my mum to let her know I was fine and would probably sleep at Freddie's. She wasn't particularly happy about that, but had some kid with her and wished me a good night, and hoped that the bed bugs wouldn't bite. It wasn't them I was worried about. It was Freddie, and the pain he'd inflicted in my butt.

He looked up and noticed me. He smiled a little, but averted his eyes quickly. Anxiety was flooding...

“Can you close your eyes?” I asked quietly.

“Joey don’t be stupid; considering what we just-”

“I know,” I interrupted, squeezing my eyes shut. “But I’ve never done something like this before… I’ve never… It’s just fucking embarrassing, okay? And I’m not used to it, even if you are.”

Freddie’s eyes landed on me for a brief moment before he turned on his side. “There should be a spare bathrobe in there somewhere.”

As silence fell, I instantly felt bad. I bit my bottom lip and chewed it, waiting for Freddie to speak.

He didn’t.

“Are you okay?” I wanted to know. Freddie still said nothing. I gulped as I pushed the door wide open and walked forwards, hugging myself and wincing as pain shot upwards from my ass. My heart was beating wildly as I tried to forget that I was completely naked. “Freddie,” I murmured. He didn’t answer. I walked towards the bed quicker then slipped in under the covers in front of him. His eyes were shut but they looked pretty calm underneath his lids. I wondered for a brief moment if he’d fallen asleep, but doubted it. Hesitantly, I reached my hand towards him and touched the corner of his lips with my index finger. He opened his eyes and they met with mine. In a second he’d directed them away though. He looked down at my chest.


“I asked if you were okay,” I said softly, pulling my hand away. He ignored what I said and raised the duvet, seemingly surprised that I was still naked. I blushed under his shocked gaze.

“Freddie stop it,” I squirmed.

“There was no bathrobe?”

“When you answer my question, I’ll answer yours.”

He looked past my shoulder as he muttered that he was fine. “So… My question?”

“I know you're lying,” I said, pulling the duvet back down, “But I didn’t check for one.” I grinned, “Are you really moody with me because I didn’t want to be naked?”

“I am not moody,” Freddie protested, glaring at me. I snorted. He closed his eyes and sighed. “Shut up.” I ran my fingers along his arm until I got his hand and squeezed. When his eyes sprang open I shuffled forwards and kissed Freddie’s lips gently. There was barely a pause before he was kissing me back, and I couldn’t help smiling as he did so. His tongue poked, precautious, –just for a moment- at my lips causing them to tingle and his hands took hold of my hips and pulled me closer to him. I winced, pulling away from Freddie’s lips for a moment as my butt sent another wave of pain through me.

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