14. Freddie + When Worlds Collide [Part Four]

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Ah! The long awaited chapter is HERE! Padam-PAAM! (Ignore me.. Please...) Yeah, the internet has given me trouble for too long now! I have finally triumphed! 

Anyways, as you will see I gave up with the romanticy final get together (wink wink nudge nudge) for Freddie and Dmitry. It was taking too long and not even sounding good for all my efforts, so kaput- down the methaphorical drain. Mind you, what I did instead is nothing to sing and dance about. Yes, I disappointed myself! Sue me! (On the other hand...) 

I know it's a short one, but no worries, I'll be posting Part One of chapter 15 (finally!) tomorrow (I mean today) at a more sensible hour (it's 1.30am..! >.<) but I hope you guys enjoy it anyway!

P.S --I'm happy. My weekend was filled with much candy in the shape of boys! Mmm ^-^


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I shook my head uncertainly, not knowing what to do, but just as Dmitry opened his mouth to convince me again, I bit my lip and pushed into him hard as quickly as I could. He screamed and arched his back against me, eyes rolling to the back of his head as his hands flew to my back. His nails dug at my skin like a cat’s claws as I moved inside him. The surprise movement had tightened him again but I could feel him trying to relax around me.  


Though it didn’t go as badly as I thought it would, it was weird- for both of us. It wasn’t something either of us was used to.

Dmitry’s hand found mine again and he gripped it tight, and we continued to move together, sounds echoing into the night.



My eyes opened to Dmitry’s face looking down on mine. I honestly thought I’d been dreaming, but when I reached up to touch his face, warmth met my finger tips and immediately tears sprang up.

‘How gay is that?’ I whispered with a smile. ‘All we’ve done is cry.’

Dmitry grinned, ‘We’ve done a lot more than that. Now, get up. My phone is ringing, and I don’t think it’s for me.’

Just then I realised that he was holding his phone out to me and an irritating ringtone was playing. I took it from him and answered.


‘Freddie?’ Lou. ‘Where are you? It’s ten and you’re not here-’

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