18. Freddie + The Beginning of the End [Part Two]

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Chapter Eighteen

The Beginning of the End Part Two

Freddie +


An hour later I was sitting in the middle of my bed in my room. Cath and Lou were either side of me and we were silent. When I heard a heavy sigh from Cath I turned to her. Her hair was fanned out around her head and she was lying on my bed with her eyes closed. The smart pin-striped suit jacket and smart black trousers didn't suit (no pun intended) how youthful her face seemed as she lay in my bed .With a tired groan she kicked off her heels and then pulled her legs from over the edge of the bed and pulled them to her chest.

I twisted round to look at Lou.

She was sitting like one of those Buddha statues, idly playing with her toenails which were painted every random colour under the sun, with seemingly no pattern whatsoever. Her hair was piled in a wild bun on top of her head and her face looked ashen, streaks of eyeliner still decorating her cheeks. It looked much better than earlier on though...

I loved my sisters so much, and I hated the silence. I reached my hand out and rubbed carefully at Lou's cheeks. She looked up and watched me. 'I see why people call it a panda look or whatever. Though it could be like a washed up zebra too.'

'Oh shut up, Freddie,' she scolded, but she was grinning. Cath opened her eyes to watch us and untangled herself from her legs slightly. 'You shouldn't be the one cheering us up and making jokes here.'

My eyes rolled of their own accord, 'Excuse me, it's not my fault I've had to take on the job! You two were slacking off, lazy ass.' That earned their half-hearted chuckles. 'Hey,' I said softly, patting Cath's arm. 'Let me in.'

She slowly uncurled more from the ball she'd gotten herself into but before I could snuggle up to her, she was sitting up and -almost literally- ripping her suit jacket off her shoulders. She flung it carelessly before collapsing back onto my bed, not caring where it landed. I didn't particularly care either, and let myself be engulfed in her arms. I closed my eyes as I held onto the sleeve of her sweater. She smelt a bit different, Cath did. Almost every Christmas I would buy Cath the same present -among others of course... but I always bought her a Sunflower perfume. Her favourite flower. Now she smelt vaguely like apples... And I liked apples, but apples weren't very Cath.

'What perfume are you wearing?' I asked her, poking at her ribs. She squirmed and swatted my fingers away with a whine.

'Some kinda apple and lime stuff.'

'Oh, okay,' I murmured. She opened her eyes slightly.

'Darren did buy me some of the Elizabeth Arden; Sunflower ones you gave me, but I didn't want it from him.'

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