22. Freddie + This is Goodbye [Part One]

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So sorry guys! Tried to do this in one part, but it's taking too long. Forgot to mention; though school's finally out, I've still been going these last three days (Monday through to Wednesday) because revision classes have been running.  From 8.30am to 3.30 generally. (I only did a full day on Tuesday though, thank God. I'm not totally crazy.)

Seriously. What are they trying to do to me? And most importantly Freddie, Joey and you guys! Well, half way through the last chapter of Positively Negative now... I do hope you guys enjoy.

Chapter Twenty

This is Goodbye Part One

Freddie +

“Paige! Put it down!” Tom commanded in a no-nonsense tone.

“What? Wh-y?”

“It's Freddie's leaving savesies,” he said. I grinned and rolled my eyes.

“I don't care Tom. Paige, have it-”

“Well, I feel bad now-” Paige huffed, sitting back.

“Honestly. I don't want anymore. I'm full.”

Tom scowled, “But you'll never eat another Jaffa cake with us.”

“I'm coming back, oh my God.”

“Better be,” Joey cut in from beside me. “I won't know how to deal with so much Tom without you.” His voice had had a jokey tone to it, and Jenny, Paige and I all laughed.

“Danke,” Tom murmured dryly. “This is what I get for making your last days special.”

“Hey, Tom! You know I love you!” I pouted. Tom turned away. “You're acting like I'm never coming back. And I am.” I took his hand and leaned my head against his shoulder, closing my eyes to fight tears. Whether I was coming back or not, nothing would be the same. First and foremost, my dad wouldn't be alive anymore. That much had been established; I wasn't to come home until dad was dead and gone. Also, Lou was desperate to move out. She hadn't found anywhere yet, but by the time I was back she would have, and I'd be living with mum and Mia in whatever house they decided was fit. Without her. Without Lou.

I wasn't sure I'd manage, and every time I thought about it I'd become this close to panicking.

There were two days left at “home” before mum dropped me off at the school. Which was what it was, apparently. A school that just happened to attempt to cure homosexuality- and lesbianism- on the side. To straighten out the bends and kinks in this generation's youth. I'd read their flyer, seen the website; “Giving hope to the hopeless, life to the lost”. That could have been true- how would I have known? But I wasn’t hopeless, nor was I lost. I was gay. I was fine.

“I love you too, Teddy.” Tom's voice was trembling, and so was he. When he turned back to face me his tears were flowing freely. Tom pulled me into him and hugged me so hard that I was sure my ribs would bruise, but I allowed my hands to circle him and held on.

I felt Joey's hand on the small of my back, and both Jenny and Paige laid their hands on my knees. “I'm going to miss you guys so much...”

A moment of silence passed. “So, in conclusion,” Jenny began. “Freddie is having the last Jaffa cake.” I blinked up at her from Tom's embrace. Her eyes were red-rimmed as she laughed feebly, but refused to look directly at me.

“You are an idiot that I love a lot.”


“Can I sleep today?” Tom was lying on his back, hands behind his head. His face was turned towards me. Two hours have gone by and Paige and Jenny both had to go. It was only Joey, Tom and I left. For a moment I didn't understand what he was asking.

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