1. Joey - Project With A Queer

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Chapter One

Project with a Queer

Joey -

"Fuck that miss!" I protested. Miss White's lips practically disappeared into the wrinkles etched into her face as her eyes bulged.

"Language, Mr. Hartman!" she shouted forcefully.

"But I'm not working with that fag!" I shouted back, earning excited murmurs from the class and a roar of approval from Ryan who was behind me, and Abby who was beside me. In a desk a row from the front, my "new partner," Freddie Lew        is and some ginger girl who always hangs around him turned around. The ginger stuck her middle finger up as they both glared at me. I returned the gesture happily.

'Students! Stop it! You are here to learn, not be with friends. Joseph, you will work with Fred and I will have good work produced by the Christmas holidays-'

'Actually I'd prefer not to work with that twat too.' Fred muttered. There were sniggers from everyone again. Miss glared at him.

'I've had enough. You are both coming to me at lunchtime today. If I don't see you there I will call your parents and you will both be after school for an hour every day until it is done. Do you hear me?' I rolled my eyes. 'Does anybody else want to join them?' Abby turned and nudged me with her elbow. I looked at her and she pretended to stifle a yawn. I grinned. 'Right,' Miss White shook herself and patted her ironically white hair, before continuing to read out who was partnering up with "whom", as she liked to say, and what the project was about.

The project wasn't just one thing. Up until Christmas, through the next few of our Citizenship lessons we had to write profiles on each other and help each other find out what we were good at, what we liked doing, getting ready for the kind of questions we'd be asked if we were going on into college after our GCSE's or interview type questions for jobs. We had to do some research on different colleges, universities and companies we could start heading into too, stuff to do with after we left school. They were also going to be our study partners in Citizenship lessons. It was going to be torture.


'Are you fucking serious?' Courtney, my girlfriend, asked me as she took my hand. We were sat in a huddle in the field, as far away from the school building as we could get. Ryan laughed as he pulled his cigarette away from his mouth, wisps of smoke escaping from his nose and lips.

'It's pretty funny to be honest.'

'Joey and the gay... Sitting in a tree... K, I, S, S,-'

'Shut the fuck up, Kelsey,' I frowned getting, annoyed with her pointless talking. Her voice was the most irritatingly high-pitched squeal known to man. She shrugged putting the sixth stick of bubble gum in her mouth and chewing over-dramatically.

'What?' I turned away. Kelsey wasn't worth my breath, the stupid bitch. I couldn't understand how Ryan put up with her, other than for the sex that is.

'Forget about it Joey.' Courtney said pulling me closer to her.

''Kay,' I said turning away from her. She smiled before turning to Kelsey abruptly.

'Kelsey, do you like my new highlights?' I raised my eyebrows focusing on Courtney's hair. It was still blonde...

Kelsey gasped, leaning over me to run her hands through Courtney's hair, 'gorgeous! Now this fits you, hun!' Courtney laughed.

'Thank you.' Ryan rolled his eyes and took another long puff of his rollie. Courtney looked at Kelsey for a moment. They seemed to exchange looks but nothing happened for a moment.

'Hey Joey,' Kelsey called softly.

I turned to her wearily, 'yeah?'

'Show us you're not gay...' She paused to blow a pink bubble. 'Kiss Courtney. In front of us.' I could have snapped her right there. The fucking cow knew I didn't like kissing in public. Courtney took my face in her hands straight away and grinned.

'We better convince them then...'

'They don't wanna see-'I moaned before Courtney clamped her mouth over mine. She only managed to keep her tongue into my mouth for a few seconds before Ryan groaned.

'Shit.' In seconds his cigarette was disposed of and Courtney was off me, examining her fake nails instead. Some bald fail of a teacher was making his way towards us, waving his hands.





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