4. Freddie + Introducing Louisiana

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Chapter Four

Introducing Louisiana

Freddie +

‘Thank you for the meal Mia!’ I called as I rose from the table downing my cup of water in one go.

‘Welcome Freddie!’ I heard from the kitchen. I grinned as I rushed up to my sister, Louisiana’s room. The second I knocked on the door there was a grunt indicating that I was permitted to enter. When I opened the door and stepped inside I was hit with the familiar whiff of incense sticks and scented candles that I loved so much.

Louisiana was my favourite sister by far, though I’d never tell any of the others. I was the youngest child in a family of seven, two parents, four girls and one boy, which, obviously, was me. Louisiana (18) is also the only other one who lives at home on a permanent basis as she is in sixth form and the others are either in Uni like Bethany (20) or starting their own little families like Catherine (21) and Paris (23).

Lou was absolutely my best friend. She wanted to be a child psychologist when she grew up and she always knew what to say and when to say it. She was so mature and smart with everything yet she knew how to have fun too. I loved Lou’s room. It’s full of little trinkets and boxes of so much random stuff that people would kill to have. She had endless dream catchers hanging up from the ceiling and colourful fabrics frothing from brimming drawers. All her clothes were pretty odd, but Lou, being an incredibly pretty and odd person, seemed to pull them off. Yet my favourite part of her room was actually the walls.

When Louisiana was sixteen she went on a trip to California with her boyfriend of two years, Alfie Warner, for two weeks because he had to move away to Portugal and both of them knew they loved each other (you don’t need two guesses to get what they did on that little holiday). After that though, Lou was heartbroken and missed him so much, she missed seeing his face every day apparently, so she used her own savings to pay a professional artist to paint four of her favourite pictures of them on each of her four walls and it looked amazing, she’s vowed never to paint over it. It was so romantic and a bit sad but I was happy because Lou’s happy. She’d been so depressed when she first found out that Alfie was leaving.  ‘Freddie, honey! How are you?’ Lou greeted me from the floor. She looked like one of the fragile little objects she was fiddling with, dressed head to toe in a little pink and green genie outfit she’d bought from France. I sat opposite her, not even bothering to attempt to cross my legs as she was. Unlike Lou, I was tall and had long legs.

‘Goodish. School’s crap again. I have to do this Citizenship project with a ‘tard.’

‘Language my boy,’ Lou tutted. I rolled my eyes with a smile. Lou was also totally into good aura and Buddhism, meaning no swearing or squashing of little insects, but it was cool because it was Lou.  

‘Soorrrryyy,’ I mock grovelled.

‘That is perfectly okay, now, who’s this “tard”? And is the name really necessary?’

‘Well, yeah. He’s not exactly a fan of my sexuality. You know, homophobe.’

‘Is he one of the people that makes your life a living hell?’

He isn’t, no, but he hangs around in that group, doesn’t really like me and calls me names...’

Lou laughed, ‘Karma will get him.’

I laughed too, ‘if only.’

‘Do you call him names back?’


‘Karma will get you too my dear,’ she grinned, ‘so, what is the project?’ Just then I got a text from Joey.


‘It’s from him,’ I told Lou seeing her curious face.

‘And he said?’ I showed her the text. ‘What did you say?’ I showed her the text I had sent. ‘Hmm, he doesn’t seem to hate you much, but no x’s?!’

‘He’s a guy, I’m gay, would he really?’

‘My guy friends always put at least one x for Jay.’ The mention of Jay quickened my heart beat; I had gone out with him for just over six months, we had been pretty serious…

‘Well their friends with Jay aren’t they?’

‘Whatever,’ Lou huffed. ‘What’s his name anyway?’

‘Joey Hartman.’

‘Aww, cute! Is he cute? Gorgeous?’


‘What? I’m getting bored of the guys in my year,’ she complained, jutting out her chin.

‘He’s two years younger than you,’ I complained, only to think about Jay and hope she didn’t remember.  

‘So what? Is he mature? Is he tall?’

‘Too tall for you!’

‘Is he taller than you?’

‘Not exactly,’ I faltered.

‘Then he isn’t too tall for me!’ she giggled.

I sighed, ‘I’m going to leave now. If he isn’t going to work on the project I better start now, and I think you’re getting a bit hyper.’

Lou laughed, ‘okay as long as you bring him home soon!’

‘I think he has a girlfriend anyway.’ I said as I stood up uncomfortably and twisted towards her door.

‘Aww! Now that’s a bummer.’ I grinned as I nodded and left the room heading towards my own.

As I opened the door to my room, I couldn’t help reflecting on what Lou had said. Joey, cute? With his short blonde hair and clear blue eyes... He had a nice smile in the few times I’d seen it genuinely... And he did look pretty gorgeous when he was embarrassed... Yeah, Joey was cute. Not that it mattered. He was also incredibly annoying, and most importantly, straight.  





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