17. Joey -+ My Tampon Guy [Part Two]

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Chapter Seventeen

My Tampon Guy

Joey - + 

Part Two

As I felt his breath alone stroke the sensitive skin of my erection, the lids of my eyes drooped slightly and I exhaled, squeezing Freddie’s hand.

There were a lot of things in life I hadn’t imagined could ever be possible.

Never had I imagined in my life that I could ever be gay. Never had I ever imagined in my life that a guy would be kneeling in front of me while I was half naked, his eyes set on mine and his face nearing my dick. Never had I imagined that I’d be in love with that guy and that a blowjob from that particular guy could’ve been so, fucking, good.

My hands slid to his shoulders and I grabbed on tight as his lips landed on the tip of my dick. I flinched, gasping as I sucked in my stomach and watched through embarrassed –yet curious- eyes as Freddie’s mouth slowly swallowed my length. Once, twice his head bobbed up and down before he took me out of his mouth and licked underneath, the sides, and I shivered and let out a breath I hadn’t realised I was holding. 

Freddie’s eyes flicked up to meet my half-lidded ones as I moaned then pressed my lips together, one of my hands reaching into his hair and grabbing on. I felt his tongue circle the tip over and over and couldn’t help the twitch in my hips as I tried to lift them upwards. 

Shi-’ a groan stopped me from finishing the line of profanities I was about to release. He was getting faster. It felt like the warmth of his mouth was transferring through me, pooling by my abdomen. His hands skimmed down to my hips, holding them still. ‘Freddie,’ I breathe. His thumbs rubbed against my skin and I threw my head back, panting, as he hummed. The vibrations felt amazing against the sensitive skin, and then feeling teeth, I squeezed my eyes shut. Every single touch, every feeling, the tiniest contact seemed to burst through everything, causing my body to shiver and shake as a feeling I wasn’t quite familiar with bloomed in my chest. I pulled his head down harder but tried to push him back in a panic when he made a sound that made me think he was choking. I must have thought wrong though because he stopped me from pushing him back, took my one of my hands and pushed it up under my top, using my own fingers to brush against my nipple. All thought left my head as I just focused on breathing. Meanwhile he kept on sucking and used his other hand to stroke the base of my dick too. I tried to suppress a whine as my eyes rolled to the back of my head, but as his hand squeezed slightly I came, letting out a strangled moan as the orgasm took over. 

Straight into Freddie’s mouth. 

For a while I didn’t notice, bent over, my head on Freddie’s shoulder. I was pretty out of it, and barely even noticed when Freddie slid my boxers and trouser back up for me, though I had to shuffle a bit to let him. 

The minute I could though, I sat up and stared, mortified and completely red in the face, at Freddie who was looking at me curiously with a small smile on his face. 

‘You okay?’

In the few times I’d watched heterosexual pornos –after being forced by Ryan- I’d seen guys come in their mouths, on their faces. Whatever. It looked pretty sick to me, and I always thought that was simply because it wasporn. People probably had fetishes for that kind of thing. I didn’t know people actually did that. So I just stared at Freddie’s mouth, in complete shock, not saying a thing. Had he really swallowed? I hadn’t heard him spit anything out, and—my eyes scanned the carpet around him— and nothing. It was clean. 

‘You… You just-’

‘Gave you a blowjob?’ he asked, amused. 

‘N-no,’ I blushed, ‘Not that… I… I came in your- fuck, you know what I’m trying--’

Freddie’s eyebrows raised. ‘Oh, you… You didn’t want me to? S-sorry, I… I didn’t think because, well, I won’t if you don’t want me to…’ He stammered., voice lowering ‘If you think it’s disgusting.’ 

For a moment we sat in silence. My eyes were drawn back to his lips. Was it?

Freddie’s eyes caught mine, dragging them away from his mouth, and we both seemed to lean closer together at the same time. He rose up onto his knees and one of my hands held his neck softly, my thumb moving in circles at his jaw, while my other hand grabbed at his hair and tugged so that he strained even higher to meet me where I was on the bed. Just before our lips met, I felt myself moving away to kiss the corners of his first and from there, his nose, and his forehead. 

I could feel Freddie’s confused gaze watching me, but I refused to maintain any eye contact. I didn’t know what I was doing or why, but I couldn’t stop, and I knew I would if I caught his gaze. I left his neck for a moment to draw his eyelids closed, then kissed those too before finally meeting his lips.

I swear my heart skipped a beat when Freddie sighed into my mouth as my tongue poked at his lips. His hands clasped around my waist and pulled me closer and our bodies felt as if they were moulded together. Our tongues grazed each other causing Freddie to whimper, but I only held onto his hair tighter and slipped my other hand up under his shirt, curling my hand around his waist and trying to figure out what he tasted like.

My whole body shivered as his tongue ran along my lips and pulled away slightly, allowing him to kiss my neck. 

'Fuck,' I said softly. Freddie looked up at me, surprised. 


I smiled at him and pressed my lips against his briefly. 'I'm a fucking tampon guy.' 


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