19. Joey +- Learning to Trust in You [Part One]

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Saying sorry is degrading. 


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I decided to finally upload even though this isn't exactly long... :/ 

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Chapter Nineteen

Learning to Trust in You 

Joey +- 

I woke up with an uncomfortable problem in my trackies the next morning, due to an inappropriate dream that I wasn’t quite sure made sense, but I understood it enough to blush red every ten minutes afterwards as I got ready for school. It was a slow process. 

The second I got into the bathroom, I took off my clothes and caught sight of myself in the mirror I sort of froze. Then I remembered; and I shivered, and I blushed. I had to grab onto the sink as my knees went weak and I stared hard into the reflection of my eyes because I really couldn’t believe the filmstrip of memories rolling around my head. 

Had that really happened? Freddie couldn’t have actually given me a fucking blowjob. That was the kind of thing Ryan got all the time. He bragged about that kind of thing. I was too frigid. I didn’t get blowjobs. 

And not from other guys. 

I ran a hand through my blonde hair- which was growing out a little, my blush growing hotter as I let out a little laugh. I’d forgotten. I was gay. It was all out. I had a boyfriend. Freddie. I didn’t have Ryan anymore. Or Courtney. I wouldn’t have a lot of people. I’d have shit thrown at me, and have to endure whatever happened when it hit the fan. This was the choice I’d made. 

It was worth it though. Freddie... 


I looked down to see the part of me that Freddie had happily taken into his mouth the day before getting excited at the thought of my boyfriend. With a frustrated moan, I wrapped my hands around my dick and began to stroke the problem away. 



‘Mum,’ I greeted her as I jogged down into the kitchen. I grabbed her in a tight hug and pecked her cheek before heading over to the toaster. She’d already put some in for me. 

‘Morning honey!’ I blushed a little when I realised she probably wouldn’t be calling me honey if she knew the things that had happened upstairs.

‘I’ll be leaving earlier today. Kelsey texted me to meet her. We’re going to go without Ryan and Courtney because she’s not sure what Ryan’s reaction is going to be, but she knows Courtney doesn’t like... Ah, me, now.’

‘Ugh,’ mum wrinkled her nose. ‘Who knew that girl was such a bitch?’ I gaped at my mum just as my toast popped up. She grinned, getting out a plate, lifting my toast and placing it onto the previous item all in one fluid motion. ‘Just saying,’ she told me, pushing the butter and jam and tapping my nose. 

‘Yeah, well,’ I said. ’Shit happens.’ 


‘What?! You said bitch! Shit is nothing compared-’

‘I know, I know!’ mum turned away to get the kettle, which I’d just noticed was boiling over. ‘But still,’ she glanced at me. ‘No swearing.’ 

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