12. Freddie + Meeting Mr. Mystery [Part One]

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A/N: Readers, this chapter is a little.. Racy? Is that the word? --Please go easy on me... I would suggest everyone just skipped this chapter in fact because it is my first 'sex' scene (no, not the full monty.. Just... You know...) but I had to write it because such things are necessary for Freddie's character, as you shall all find out in some chapter that is not for a while yet. There might be a clue in this bit though...

Anyway, this is only Part One of chapter 12. Why am I posting it in two parts? I wrote this yesterday and have been really jumpy about it ever since. I need feedback on the 'ahem' scene from you guys so as to know whether to ever write those again. Maybe next time I will just put "then I had a lovely old time with him that included a bed and many, many, many moans" ... but maybe that is worse... In a way...

Fact of the matter is this is my first of those types of scenes and I believe it is very cringe -worthy but I would like your views on it... Please?


One with the story... I suppose.... >.>

Chapter Twelve

Meeting Mr. Mystery

Freddie +

She wasn't serious! Or...she was. Lou's big idea was to invite me and Joey to her friend, Chloe's, party.

I was completely against the idea, completely, but Lou and her slutty friend, Amy, were all for it. And with Amy giving Joey those looks (by that I mean "Come hither" eyes, the whore,) he was all up for it too.

Stupidly enough, Joey and I had to wait for almost an hour and a half before the girls were done getting dressed and made up. They dragged me in for a bit too and straightened my russet hair so it fell just past my shoulders and then lined my eyes with black eyeliner, adding a black kohl heart to my left cheek just for effect.

After that I was made to wear black and grey ripped skinny jeans and a deep blue shirt. I wore my black and white Vans too, and I wasn't going to complain about how Lou and Slut had dressed me. I was seeing Jay; I needed to look as good as I possibly could. Whether he wanted me because he'd been dumped on not, he wanted me. And I wanted him.

What was the problem?

When I stepped out of the room, Joey's jaw almost dropped. I reached my hand up to my hair and tugged at a strand self-consciously. 'What?' I wanted to know.

After a pause, Joey closed him mouth and frowned slightly. 'You look like a girl.'

Lou and the whore laughed at this, and I couldn't help smiling too. 'Thanks...?'


The party was definitely underway when we arrived at ten-to nine.

I had to admit, Chloe Groome had a huge house. Huge. Bigger than mine, huge. Less than half of it was used during the course of the party, and I was pretty sure most of it was used at the time...But it wasn't... (Does that even make sense?)

Stupid as it was, as soon as I stepped in my eyes wandered past kissing couples, people dancing and drunken losers (who I'd be joining soon) and looked for Jay. I was so stupid, so idiotic.

Lou grabbed my arm, 'If you're looking for him, I think he said he was in the garden-'

'I am not,' I lied curtly.

She raised an eyebrow, 'Okay then. Just take care of Joey. Unless you don't mind me doing so...'

'Hey,' Joey spoke up, pulling from Amy slightly, who'd already latched onto his arm, 'I can take care of myself!' I grinned at him; his childish insistence made him look so cute!

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