19. Joey +- Learning to Trust in You [Part Two]

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Chapter Nineteen

Learning to Trust in You Part Two 

Joey +-

Waiting for Freddie wasn’t that bad. I could feel the occasional stare planted on me, but I refused to allow any fear to grow. It helped that Kelsey wouldn’t shut up and kept my mind on other things. I couldn’t tell if she was doing it on purpose or because she’d always talked a lot, but for once I was grateful. 

When Freddie finally arrived it was honestly like one of those movie moments. I actually almost missed him. Kelsey was talking about something she’d seen on TV the night before and I happened to glance at a small crowd of people heading towards us. They were skaters, with their boards and scooters so I was about to look back at Kelsey when I noticed Tom who was talking to a girl. It was just as I looked past him that a face looked up at me from behind them, and it was Freddie’s. 

My face felt like it was splitting in half when he beamed at me and I immediately felt a warmth pooling at the bottom of my stomach. I sort of reached out to tug on Kelsey’s blazer sleeve as Freddie nudged Tom and the girl, excusing himself as he stepped through them and headed quicker towards me.

Thoughts were running through my head concerning how I should’ve reacted when Freddie reached me, but as he actually did I think I honestly forgot that we were standing in front of our school surrounded by hundreds of students. It looked like he was going to hesitate, but I took the step he failed to take and just hugged him. Which was nice, as I had no doubt it would be. 

This time we were in our uniforms too, and Freddie with a blazer wasn’t as soft as Freddie without. And it was harder to hold onto; my arms wouldn’t stay all the way around him. I longed to feel his fingers in my hair as he usually did, but felt like he was restraining because his own arms remained on my shoulders. Even so, it felt better than the last, purely because I was there just then. With him. 

I heard the sound of cheers, (probably from Freddie’s group of friends) but even louder were the disbelieving gasps, the shouts of “I knew it!” and all the gay-bashing names people could think of. They were the sounds of the rumours and gossip -the monster- growing. I think it was that realisation that caused my heart to beat a little more than it already was as Freddie pulled away. 

‘You’re not ready for this,’ he murmured. He was looking down worriedly at me. 

‘Hi yourself,’ I replied, allowing a small smile despite fearing that too. Freddie grinned and opened his mouth to reply but we both froze when we heard a shout. 


I was afraid to look up straight away, being all too familiar with the voice that had begun to shout my name then stopped- as if surprised. Freddie had no problem with turning his head to look though, and I moved so he wasn’t in the way after a minute to ready myself, to see Ryan, standing with Courtney. And there he was. Standing in utter shock and disbelief. His mouth was wide open and he appeared as frozen as I was earlier.  

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