The Fandom(The End of the tales)

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 (y/n) POV
"Wait,wait,wait, Who's the fandom??" I asked, "It's the people reading the adventures we have stalking us for the true people we are, like I'm a professional witch and ballet dancer." Hector's mom said tearing off a her witch clothes into a a ballet outfit, I couldn't see anything... Like literally I could see only light....

Gumball POV
I covered my eyes preventing me getting blind however (y/n) was very unfortunate, "guys, I CAN'T SEE!! WHAT'S GOING ON!" She screamed, " oh come on! It wasn't that bad," Hector's mom told. The clouds all turned dark and the ground shook really hard, "We don't have enough time we need the painting!" Rob shouted to her, "I don't have it!" She cried loud, "What do you mean you don't have??!!" Rob became very shocked, with anger, "I gave it to a guy with a van for forty five dollars!" She said scared, "Wait, is it the painting with my family doomed?" Rob looked back at Anais, "Where is it??" "It's at the house!" The sky turned black and the the floors began to crumble and shake. We all looked back to the the house in the middle of broken floating platforms of the neighborhood. 

Noone's POV

"Breaking news, Elmore has been broken into bits and are floating all over the town due to a magic source coming from the sky!" The TV said, "What nonsense! The news are becoming more and more fake like, what's next? Soon rockets will shoot out of our butts?" Richard told holding his soda can which then floated to the ceiling so as the couch bringing Richard with him.
  Gumball and (Y/n) dashed through the neighborhood to finally stop at the house to see Nicole and the floor, "Mom! What happened?" Gumball asked worried, "I got struck by lightning," "Where's Mr Watterson?" (Y/n) politely asked, "He's inside watching the news," "THANKS MOM," They went in followed by the rest which stampeded over Nicole body.

(Y/n) POV
  "The PAINTING!" I shouted at Mr Watterson, "I ate it," he said scared ,"WHAT???" I and Gumball said in unison, "I thought it would make me more artistic, "I guess, then it's all over," I told looking down passing all my friends and back home which drifted far from the town, "Sweetie! The town's in pieces," "I know Mom,"





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