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The Kitten's Limit by Valha248
The Kitten's Limitby Valha248
On one particularly bad day Gumball's limit is put to the test. How long will he last until he finally gets pushed too far?
Lost In Ice (Various x Fem. Reader) by rainydoesnothing
Lost In Ice (Various x Fem. Reader)by UrMom
Y/n awoke in a bed made of ice that was covered in blankets. Now she's the daughter of a crazed wizard who kidnaps princesses to try and marry. In short: Y/n wakes up wi...
The Watterson's Oldest Child: Season 1 (TAWOG x OC) by AliceGalaxy3
The Watterson's Oldest Child: Alice Galaxy
Ariana Watterson is not your average teenager, she's the oldest child of the Watterson Family. As the Daughter of her Workaholic yet Caring mother and her Lazy and Stay...
The Relationship by Valha248
The Relationshipby Valha248
On the night of their first anniversary Gumball and Penny reminisce and reflect upon their journey as well as flashback to moments we never saw on screen including how t...
hot dog guy x gumball fanfic by shutgefuckup
hot dog guy x gumball fanficby pang concern
𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲 𝐆𝐮𝐦 (𝐆𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐱𝐎𝐜) by Nanounet972
𝐅𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟𝐲 𝐆𝐮𝐦 (𝐆𝐮𝐦𝐛𝐚𝐥� Thanks for reading my trash
Penny broke up with him to go after Tobias. Gumball found himself meeting someone who will make his heart beat. ( You can find this story on my Quotev account !!)
The Exam by Valha248
The Examby Valha248
Gumball feels as if he's just a disappointment and a burden to everyone and wants to change that but doesn't know how. He's then reminded by Darwin about an upcoming exa...
Restart (Rob x Fem!Reader) by SUxTrolls
Restart (Rob x Fem!Reader)by Pansexual_Child
"I don't know what happened...i-it's like I just woke up there....!"
Surviving The Land of Aaa by Colorful_DyeJob
Surviving The Land of Aaaby Wannabe Dragon
Fiona and (Y/n) are the last humans left in the Land of Aaa. With their sister, Cake the Cat, they go on adventures saving princes and protecting the innocent.
The Fairy by SteamFan3830
The Fairyby NSWSteamFan
An unidentified amount of time after Gumball Watterson encouraged Penny Fitzgerald to break out of her shell and be herself, a new threat has emerged from the world of i...
The Amazing World of Gumball (SHOW) x Male reader insert by Phearless14
The Amazing World of Gumball ( GUM STUDIOS
Y/N is the oldest son of Nicole and Richard Watterson, and he was job: Take care of his two idiot brothers and socially awkward sister.
The Gift: A TAWOG Story by TheThreeHubs
The Gift: A TAWOG Storyby The Three Hubs
Gumball's mother Nicole can do the unthinkable! She can age people, melt things with her eyes, and turn into a savage beast when provoked, but she can also see into her...
"The Teenage World of Gumball" (TAWOG Fanfiction by nnewuusernname
"The Teenage World of Gumball" ( ・
(Note: This story is all about Gumball and all of his friends in there teenage wolrd). "Since gumball move to another school last year, he decided to change his per...
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me (Discontinued Look For Full Story On New Profile) by oneraincloud
Tawog/ GumRob/ don't forget me ( oneraincloud
Okay, so this is probably a crack ship and I'm really sorry. Warning: Updates are Random the story sucks I'm bad at this Homosexuality I'm sorry Also the cover art is fr...
(Cats) The Amazing World of Gumball Reader x Gumball  by CarrotKingsHero
(Cats) The Amazing World of XxCarrotXx
Completed. The sun goes down and the stars appear Love is in the air, eyes are out Roses are red Violets are blue This book holds a cat in a wonder-world Waiting to sna...
Adventure Time One Shots by Midnight-Walker-55
Adventure Time One Shotsby Midnight-Walker-55
A bunch of Adventure Time head canons and oneshots. Feel free to request.
Blind Love (Tobias X Ocho/ T. A. W. O. G fanfic) by CookieBunnyCat
Blind Love (Tobias X Ocho/ T. A. Cookie
In this story we follow our protagonist Ocho and his friends Darwin and Gumball as they try to help Ocho with his memory loss. After a series of events, Ocho loses his...
The Reunion by Valha248
The Reunionby Valha248
It's been 8 years since Darwin ended up in the Watterson household. 8 years since he began his new life. But what happened to his real parents? How did he end up in the...
Double date (Fem!reader x Marshall lee x prince Gumball) by Alphagamergirl00104
Double date (Fem!reader x Bonnie Sparks
Read and find out ;) SMUTT WARNING
Candy is sweet, but Lust is sweeter by Miyu_88
Candy is sweet, but Lust is sweeterby Miyu_88
Gumlee fanfic (smut or lemon) {hey, I'm going to start off my account with a gumlee fanfic, because… that seems to be what I'm obsessed with right now, enjoy ;3}