The fight

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Hey my fans sorry for this long and as long, I mean really long wait. I don't feel inspired with this story so I wrote others. Real sorry for this but now I'm back trying my best to write without inspiration and hope you guys love it and enjoy!!!
I looked at my paper and began twiddling my pen around it thinking about the tortures I have endured so far. Just then, a paper was shot to my head. I opened up the crumbled piece of paper and read the scribblings.

From Jamie
Better hope you're admirers pack a punch for you. Cuz I'm gonna be your worst nightmare and give a tornado of pain! >|~ | that's how you look like

I began planning a way to escape this beating after school. I continued looking at Ms Simians teaching but saw a note fly onto my desk.

From Gumball
Hey (Y/n) or Whiskers! Just wondering if you can be my date for a party from Tobias.

I looked at him and gave a thumbs up. Receiving a smile, two more notes appear with the same question. How could I get myself in such a sticky situation? After the failed escape and beat down, I walked alone to Mrs Watterson. She was delighted when I came, "HEY (y/n), so how's Gumball?"
"That's what I'm here to ask you."
"What? Is he hurting your feelings?"
"Nah, I'm here for advice!"
"Ooo!! This is Great!! Gumball doesn't ask me these kind of questions!" She began fangirling. I breathed in deeply and gazed at the beautiful face standing in front of me. "Okay, YouhaveabeautifulfaceandIthinkGumballDarwinandAnaisarebettingivermewithTobiasandIambeingbulliedbyJamieandIneedhelp!!!" I said, "First of all, thank you for the complement, second of all just ask him about it, no beggie and third of all you just have to tell her whose boss!" I was impressed that she caught all of my words, "but I don't know anything about fighting Nicole,"
"Firstly, call my mom, and secondly, I'll train you!"
"You were waiting a long time for this weren't you?"
"Yup!" She told proudly, I knew it was about to get intense.

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