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So far, I had lots of good days and no bad moments but I think that I would get something wrong. I walked through the alley and saw Tobias. I waved at him as he saw me, he waved back smiling, I then walked towards the classroom when somebody tapped my shoulder. It was Jamie, she pushed me down on the floor and all my books fell stumbling all around. I crawled backwards. "Shouldn't have did that right? I could have just beaten you and go on my way but you cocky little brat,"she steeped on my leg and I yelped in pain. I tried running away but she grabbed my arm and slammed me on lockers. "I'm gonna make sure you suffer for the rest of your life!!" She told and then let go and kicked me in the stomach and my nose dripped some blood. She walked away after the assault and curled into a ball and thought of what I should do. I walked into the classroom off the injuries before doing anything inside. I took out my textbooks and notebook and began writing down whatever I discovered. I saw Gumball coming up to me, "oh hey Gumball."
"I know what happened, Jamie bullied you,"
"How did you know?"
"Tobias spies on you,"
"Anyways, you got to go find help from your friends."
"I don't have friends,"
"Everyone is your friends, everyone likes you," he then pointed to everyone.
I smiled, "thanks for always being there for me but why don't you help?"
"Sorry I just don't wanna become Dinosaur food,"
I still hugged him. He really did help. I could sense someone watching or more. It was like last time.
Sorry it's short, I'm thinking about changing from 1k words to 4o0 but that's what I think so I hope you guys enjoyed and again love carrots love life!!

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