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The Watterson's Oldest Child: Season 1 (TAWOG x OC) by AliceGalaxy3
The Watterson's Oldest Child: Alice Galaxy
Ariana Watterson is not your average teenager, she's the oldest child of the Watterson Family. As the Daughter of her Workaholic yet Caring mother and her Lazy and Stay...
We Aren't Just Friends (Nicole X Reader) by Larry__Johnson
We Aren't Just Friends (Nicole X Larry Johnson
You are best friends with Nicole Watterson, a mother of three beautiful children and married to a, how should I say it, a lazy husband. Of course, she relied on you, you...
Sibling Oneshots by Valha248
Sibling Oneshotsby Valha
A collection of cute and heartwarming oneshots about the Watterson children and their sibling relationships! Requests/Ideas accepted! Cover Art by Tulip-Olsen-22
The Amazing World of Gumball (SHOW) x Male reader insert by Phearless14
The Amazing World of Gumball ( GUM STUDIOS
Y/N is the oldest son of Nicole and Richard Watterson, and he was job: Take care of his two idiot brothers and socially awkward sister.
The Amazing World Of Ron (TAWOG X Male Ron Reader) by SussiestOfGamers
The Amazing World Of Ron (TAWOG SussiestOfGamers
In this book, you replace Gumball, being the (adopted) oldest son of Richard and Nicole. TAWOG is owned by Ben Bocquelet and Cartoon Network Studios.
(Cats) The Amazing World of Gumball Reader x Gumball  by CarrotKingsHero
(Cats) The Amazing World of XxCarrotXx
Completed. The sun goes down and the stars appear Love is in the air, eyes are out Roses are red Violets are blue This book holds a cat in a wonder-world Waiting to sna...
The Kitten's Limit by Valha248
The Kitten's Limitby Valha
On one particularly bad day Gumball's limit is put to the test. How long will he last until he finally gets pushed too far?
Forever by brisbreezywife
Foreverby breezyxtyga
A Chris Brown and jilly Anais love story 😍❤️
What Happens Next? by crimson_diamond
What Happens Next?by 𝑠𝑎𝑝𝑝ℎ𝑖𝑟𝑒𝑠_𝑏𝑦_𝑚𝑖𝑑...
When people start disappearing all over Elmore, Gumball realises that they're trapped in The Void. Him along with Anais and Darwin venture The Void to find everyone, but...
Total Berserk by BlackDogWrites
Total Berserkby Black Dog Productions
//PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS STORY IS OLD BEFORE MAKING ANY COMMENTS ETC.// This is the first fanfic I had ever written and it's full of errors and my old writing style. S...
The Wager by Valha248
The Wagerby Valha
Anais forces Gumball into a wager where he'll have to watch Daisy The Donkey with her everyday for the entire Spring break instead of going on a camping trip with all of...
The Intelligence by Valha248
The Intelligenceby Valha
After watching her brother's dumb and silly activities for the longest time Anais feels left out. They all look so fun and she really wants to join in and have fun with...
The Anniversary by Valha248
The Anniversaryby Valha
It's Nicole and Richard's anniversary and so far, it's been awful. They've had to miss out on going out for a meal together to go to the kid's parents' evening instead a...
The Reunion by Valha248
The Reunionby Valha
It's been 8 years since Darwin ended up in the Watterson household. 8 years since he began his new life. But what happened to his real parents? How did he end up in the...
The Girls by Valha248
The Girlsby Valha
Anais and Jamie are invited to hang out with the treehouse girls, and are eager to accept but Jamie however seems very unwelcome, and things soon escalate, leading the g...
Restart (Rob x Fem!Reader) by SUxTrolls
Restart (Rob x Fem!Reader)by Pansexual_Child
"I don't know what happened...i-it's like I just woke up there....!"
The Amazing World of Gumball: The Other world by Fallenangel560
The Amazing World of Gumball: Yingyang
When you buy a universal remote it transport you into the tv. You get send to a show called " The Amazing World of Gumball." But, soon Elmore begins to fall ap...
The Denial by Valha248
The Denialby Valha
After a fight with Penny makes him stop and re-evaluate himself, Gumball realises that he really does like Rob more than just a nemesis. But how can he like Penny and Ro...
Ask Ocho And Friends by CookieBunnyCat
Ask Ocho And Friendsby Cookie
Just a book about Ocho and his friends, ask questions and they'll tell you!
"IM NOT GAY!" a Gumball x Hotdog Guy fanfic by froggii05
"IM NOT GAY!" a Gumball x Hotdog •☁ frog☁ •
Gumball just cant stop thinking about Hotdog Guy... Everything is just so...awkward... no matter how hard he tries... but, hes not gay... right?? * * * * ⚠THERE WILL BE...