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The third day in Elmore Junior High. It was really marvellous, especially when people admired you. After gym class, I went down into the girl's room and changed in the toilets. I went out and saw a orange haired girl with horns bullying Tobias and forced him for his money. "Hey! Don't pick on him!" I shouted and both of them turned to me.
"Well, look who it is, the popular princess of the school. No matter who you think you are, I don't mind being your bully." She then pushed me and I fell on the floor with a scared look on my eyes. She kicked me over and I felt pain, my eyes half filled with tears at the pain she inflicted. Then Tobias pushed her away from me." Don't do this!" She then felt her face boil and charged to him. He whimpered and closed his eyes in fear I got up and knocked her away. Ms. Simian then appeared and he girl rammed through Ms. Simian, "Ms JAMIE!!" Jamie froze as the teacher struggled to get up after being knocked over. "Ms. Simian, this is not my fault, it's hers!" She pointed at me. "And I'm suppose to believe the gymnast then the princess."
She dragged Jamie into the room while she showed the your dead look to me(I'm using so many faces XD). "Thanks for saving me back there." Tobias told smiling at me, I smiled back, "you know, I thought of you as a weird guy, but now you're really awesome once I got to know the real you." I hugged him and sworn that I saw him real happy about me hugging him. He hugged back and after a while, we parted. He then moved my hair from my face to my side. I blushed, "I gotta go Tobias, nice talking to you. See you tomorr-" I was interrupted by him asking a question to me, "can I come?"
"Umm...sure!" I gave a smile and began holding his hands which made him blushed so hard you could see it through his skin. I led him to Gumball's. house and knocked the door, "you hang out with him?" He asked, "yup, he's a nice guy, plus, we're both cats so we have a lot in common. The door opened and Nicole welcomed us in and saw Tobias, "hey Nicole, I was wondering if I could bring a friend with me here." I asked smiling comfortably. "Well, I can't say no to that face, come on in you guys."
"Whiskers!!! You cam-" he stopped at the sight of Tobias who smiled awkwardly, "oh hey Tobias,
"Tobias wanted to come so yea," I told with a kind gesture of saying thank you. "Ok, I'm gonna get baking some cookies with you mom,"
"Thanks Whiskers," I then walked into the kitchen and asked Nicole if I could help bake. "Sure if you know how to, our dough is so old that when you try to eat it, your teeth breaks." I giggled quietly, "don't worry, I got dough in my house. I'll be right back,"
"Nicole thanks (y/n),"
"Please, call me whiskers,"
"Whatever you say (y/-I mean Whisker." Nicole awkwardly smiled. I smiled happily back and walked out to get the dough.
Gumball's POV
  "Alright you guys, only one of us can be her man, and Tobias, no offence but you look like a baby who went into radioactive chemicals making you colourful."
"Hey! You look like the back of a sweaty octopus,"
  I moaned, "fair enough,"
"So who will it be, she's so kind and great and trustworthy," Darwin exclaimed. "Lets see whose the first to make her express her feelings to, that way the winner will be her man- girl,"
Anais retorted, "wait so does that mean if Anais wins, then girl and girl will marry? Isn't that called gay for girls, I forgotten what's it called," Darwin reported
"Who cares, true love beats all," Anais confronts. "All right like the, challenge begin!!" I told as I saw Whiskers come in. We are ran up to her and starts rapidly talking to her. "Guys! Cmon we'll talk later I have to help your mom with the cookies, and talk one at a time." She said walking off into the kitchen. "She's so nice even when advising us." Darwin told
"Exactly, she's got the look, the personality and attitude towards everything." Anais claimed
"Well, she's not good in combat," Tobias protested
"What do you mean?" I asked
"Well, we were being bullied by Jamie and then, one lucky swift move she knocked her to Ms. Simian but before that she was real hurt." Tobias answered.
"Cookies are done!!" She shouted in her great voice. "I think we over done it," Mom muttered to her
"Don't be silly, they'll love it Nicole, just like they love you,"
"Aww, you really think so?"
"Yea, whatever comes from the heart,"
I heard hugging afterwards and then they came out, instead of cookies, they made cookies stacked up into a castle with whip cream on the top with pancakes all around.
"Do you like it?" I grabbed the fork and begin scanning," It is DELICIOUS!!"
Just then, Dad jumped out o nowhere and ate half of it, "it's ok, I got a backup," she said after giggling at dad for his animal like behaviour."
(Y/n) POV
  "Tobias, follow me please," I told him and we went out in the backyard, "I just wanted to thank you for having guts to help me with Jamie back there,"
"No problem, anything for a friend,"
I hugged him and a few seconds later, he hugged back, we then parted and I had a glimpse of Anais, Gumball, Darwin at the window watching us.
Something about their behaviour tells me they're betting on something and the fact about that is that I was involved in their challenge. "Let's get back inside," I told and that, we had a great night.

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