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  (Y/N) POV
  "I feel like Gumball has become too much of a.. how do I put it nicely.... douche-bag?" Tobias admitted to me as we played dodge ball as I gripped on the ball aiming for Jamie. One by one, the boys get knocked towards the ground bruised by Jamie. A ball then hit Tobias in the face resulting the remaining group of victims who were Gumball, Darwin and me vs Jamie. Jamie showed his devilish smile as he gripped the ball tightly with both of his paws. "You're next Gumball!" Jamie shouted across the room as Gumball whimpered and panicked into a corner thinking it would camouflage him even though the wall is peach while he is baby blue color.  Darwin facepalmed himself and then got hit hard with the ball thrown by Jamie. "Am I the only one throwing balls at Jamie??" I complained as I got shot too on the face. My face was bruised, my tooth came out and my cheeks got swollen.
  "OUT!" Coach told as I crawled out of the yard and see Gumball petrified at the corner. "You GOT THIS GUMBALL!!!"Darwin yelled from the sidelines, "he doesn't got this," Darwin sighed to all the people spectating with him. Jamie then threw a lightning quick ball towards Gumball and misses by inches and the ball bounced back and touched Jamie's hair, "OUT!!" Coach tried to whistle the game off but just spat off saliva on the floor, "What? How? You! You're gonna be meeting Mc Fist who will invite you to a field trip where the only guests are Sir Punch, Sir Ouch where Sir Ouch will be with you for the rest of ur life after what Sir Punch will do to you!!!!" Jamie raged as Gumball stood there shocked jaw opened.
  "I WON!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!!!! In your face Jamie! Screw you! You mininotaur nutcase!" Gumball laughed really loud until after PE, he was crying as he was bruised and beaten up. With a swollen eye, "I feel your pain..." I walked to him looking at his swollen eye, "at least you beat Jamie in dodgeball, strategic trash-talking and being more of a sore winner than him and like you're Gumball, he lost to the weakest person in school," I cheered, "Yeah dude she should be ashamed or more likely, to lose her reputation as one of the nastiest bully in school." Gumball looked worried, "but that's just it, everything around us is changing! Nohting is going the way it used to be," Gumball panicked, "For the first time, I think Gumball is right with this, every since mom gave us that picture, we have been changing rvents, the last time Gumball had an event changer," Darwin started, "like the remote that I destroyed," "Rob what are you doing here??And what remote??"
  "I and Gumball made an alternate timeline where I destroyed everyone you love," "That doesn't sound so pleasant," Darwin added, Rob looked really annoyed, "Urgh!!! Just follow me!" With that we took off to Hector's cave, "Are you sure you're in the right place because the lady owner here don't really like us,"Gumball worries overcoming him, "We just need to get information about what we are dealing with," "Hector's mom came out with her angry face and weird walking," Gumball thought, "I can hear you!" Hector's mom told, "What do you want??!!" Rod then whispered something into her ear, "Future," her face filled with shock, "Mama Joe is warning us of what to come! Gumball! WHAT DID YOU DO??"
"Wait who's coming at us??"
"THE FANDOMS!" She shouted as the sky turned black with a green light emitting in the sky.

They have come...

Hey guys hope you enjoyed! Sorry it took a long time I just had alot of school and school and school and SCHOOL, so I'mma try to write more and we just hit 7+ k!!!! Thank you guys so much!!! This is the first time I had that much reads!!! Ty guys so much and I'll see you in the next chapter!!!!!

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