Side Story

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A/n: Hi guys I've been thinking about the story and can't seem to think quick enough to please you audiences, so here's a side story, Hope you enjoy and, Gong Xi Fa Cai for all (Happy Chinese New Year!!)

(Y/n POV)

  I slammed my face into the pile of books I was supposed to study. I laid that way in my room until my phone rang, I looked to see an annoying, face which looked like a baby's butt which was painted in ice blue. "What do you want?"I asked grumpily, "Meet me at my room and use the window." 

"What have you done this time?"

"Just hurry up,"

  It was tempting to go, I liked the fact that he always messes up as it gives me reason to scold him, and a reason to not study. I opened my window and hopped and and fell down in the roof onto the ground. Curse this legs. I reached his place to see him staring through the window at me as the sun began to set, I sighed and hopped onto the roof and into his window. "So what's the problem?" He was dressed in a suit which was actually an shirt and and was wearing black jeans which was a dress. "What happened to your clothes?"

"I don't have a tux so I improvised and I don't have jeans at the moment for I used mom's skirt."

"For what?" I asked, confused.

"Our date, that's right I locked the door and the window which blocks you from escaping,"

I shook in terror the last date we had a.... well... a weird experience.


  "So, I prepared a picnic for us in the picnic area!"

"You mean you lost us in the forest and gave up searching because your feet is hurting."
"Well, we're still around the area, I'm a cat that means that my feet is suitable to walk in the forest and we still have ten minutes before mom picks me up so we should hurry this picnic up." He said smartly.
"You're the one who suggested this picni- (sigh) nevermind let's just get on with this so that I wouldn't have to see you later on today."
And out of the blue a loud roar asounded.
"Talk to you later," Gumball said quickly packing up
"Goodbye," and we ran off trying to find a way out of the forest.


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