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In a cold night, the town shone bright.
As the town was about to celebrate Christmas night.
With the Gumball inbounded, and
(Y/n) still in bed,
Her injury still scars her from birth to death.
This tale brings us a relationship rank
Going higher and higher with our heroes stories we led.

(Y/n) POV
I still had a minute to wait for the end so that get off this grounding.
(Y/n):30 more seconds(unison)
Gumball:30 more seconds (unison)
(Clock) ting dong! Ting dong
It's finally Christmas! I rushed down the stairs approved by my mom as Christmas Eve was over. Second after second, the presents wrapping get teared. The presents revealed a new stack of comic book box with a label on top.
Mom must have bought this, she always buys the same type of presents like this one. The next present was the final one which was a camera, and with it was filled with instructions. Must be granny's as it's not new.
"Never mind I still have the party to look forward," it's a tradition for the Whiskers to have a party till the sunrises up to meet old and new friends. To have fun and party all day long!
"Sweetie! Do you like what I gave you?" Mom began bragging, "Yea mom! More comics to read! Texting was sounded to my ears, "uh, mom who are you texting to?" "Just to your aunt Nicole o brag about my present, whose going to be coming to the party!"
A tension alerted me! Gumball...... "Mom!?? Them?"
"Yes, them,it would be rude not to invite your aunts so hurry along and made an invitation for them."
"But mom!!it's my party!"
"Hosted by me, and therefore I am senior host and your mother so you better give them a invite, and no monkeying around, we don't want another disaster like the last trip."
I began to think back about looking forward to this party. I began dragging myself upstairs to collect all the letters including the Wattersons, and one by one I delivered them the invites manually.
I got used to it, but what I can't get used to is Gumball. I love Nicole, Richard is funny, Anias is lovely and Darwin is genuine. But Gumball is naive, lazy, inconsiderate, mindless, annoying human being.
He always teases no matter what. The best thing that has happened today is sending the invites.

Gumball POV
I began tearing the presents. The only present I had was from Nicole as Dad only buys on missions or else he's too lazy. There he waits sleeping on the couch like always. Mom gave me.... something good??? She never gav me great presents. " like the gift honey?"
"Uh... DUH!!! This is a limited edition of space turtle wanderers!! The last kind of its series."
Then typing was heard, "um, mom what are you doing?"
"Telling you neighbour across the street about the gift I gave you to brag."
"You mean Aunt Whiskers?"
"Yup and she will be invited to her traditional party for this Christmas,
"Christmas!!!" Darwin calls running down the stairs with his T-Rex shoes, "WOAH ITS A GREAT PRSENT THIS TIME!! Where did you get this,"
"I have some friends," Mom told while typing to Masami's mom,"
I sighed out,"I should've guessed,"

Christmas Edition

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