Most Stupid Fight

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I woke up in the sun as my drool reached my thighs. I sucked it up and saw myself on the board made of wooden planks and two people staring at me. "She's real cute when she sleeps." Gumball whines, "yeah.. and so is this when I beat you to the ground." and Rob with a trash can wrecks him off few feet away and begins charging at him. Gumball gets up with a black eye and then all of a sudden none again and Rob pushes him on the ground and uses a broom stick to beat him. After a few hits, Gumball dodges and runs off to a nearby post and tries to hide even though he clearly wasn't thin enough.

Rob then runs after Gumball who uses a branch as a weapon. Rob then swipes his stick to the right and Gumball dodges to the left and whips Rob in the butt with the branch. They made stupid noises as I began to get dozy. I then heard a crack and it literally scrambled my whole body in pain. I sat straight as I saw their fight for stupidity. Then Rob goes on top of Gumball and snatches his branch with it tries tying him up. Gumball spits at him, classic move.. then he kicks him off and starts running up to me.

"I have never seen a more stupid fight than that." He grabs my hand and yanks me to run. Rob gets up and sprints at us and was road killed by a passing duck. He was really bruised, Gumball shows no spirit and yanks me back home. "Well, that's fair to say...never open a door for strangers," "what if it was an uncle you didn't know." "Call your parents if a stranger comes."

"They could be very busy-" "You get the point." "but I still don't forgive you!"

"But-" "Good night Gumball!"

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