Sarah's BFF by Slangelo
Sarah's BFFby Slangelo
(All characters will be human and I don't own any characters except Emily) Emily Harris moves into Elmore with hopes of living the life she always wanted. Her parents w...
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Dark Gumball (traduccion) by horagatuna
Dark Gumball (traduccion)by LaChicaFurry
Este es un fanfic traducido que no es mio es de alguien mas aqui os dejo un link para que vean https://lilie-pucisse.deviantart.com/journal/Chapter-1-Nightmare-ball-Par...
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Darwin e Eu by LKeith19
Darwin e Euby LKeith19
Querido Darwin, Escrever em um diário não é algo comum, especialmente nos dias de hoje. Muitas pessoas pensam que fazer isso não ajuda em nada, mas elas estão erradas. E...
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Something In You . by zero07one
Something In You .by كيريَّ
أولاف ، داروِن .
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Gumball and Darwin Talk about Wubbzys by lolaloud6
Gumball and Darwin Talk about Wubb...by Hannah Hunt
Gumball and Darwin are up to some trouble at school
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AU starco by SantiLapO2006
AU starcoby H2o
sorpresaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa volvi nenes con una nueva historia llamada AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU STARCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO se l...
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GumWin: More than just a brother by I_Ship_ItX3
GumWin: More than just a brotherby I_Ship_ItX3
In a world where everyone in TAWOG is human, Gumball goes in to a new experience called High School. Nothing new to almost everyone except those who couldn't get in. He...
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Love Of Two Stars #TOA2018 (On-Going) by Grim_Reaper20
Love Of Two Stars #TOA2018 (On-Goi...by Ronald
Cheerful Aimee Imperial a highschooler from tondo attends exclusive school Whitman High School by scholarship. Hindi naging madali ang high school life nya due to some o...
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