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   "Hey, Gumball, do you think (y/n) is still mad at us?" Darwin asked,
"Nah we just need to give her time to realise that we were right,"
"Uh dude, we're wrong,"
"Yeah, but she can't stay mad at us forever. It's like making the earth to move."
"The earths moves gumball,"
"Really, I just thought that the sun have hands to spin the earth."
"Wow, you're so dumb I'd rather teach a sloth than you."
"Gumball! I can hear you," I yelled.
"Quick, try pretending to talk,"
"I heard that too!"
   "Great let's just see how this goes," Gumball thought
"I heard that too!" She told,
"Urgh!!!" I then just dragged myself to the fireplace. Being a movie obsessed nerd that I am, I carried a book wherever I go. Then, mom and Aunt Nicole told everyone the rules and blah blah blah, so since we have time, let's talk more about me!!!
Okay?Yay! I heard someone say yay so okay, I am obsessed with superhero comics, however my favourite genre is love stories, that's why I carry around fake glasses I got from prop shop. Oh and they are done speaking.
   "Alright, we have only 4 for the camp cuz of some people," Nicole glared at Richard with disappointment as Richard looked upon the ground with shame. "So Gumball and Whiskers, Darwin and Anais, Richard and I, and Whisky." My eyes grew wide. My mind shouted no in disbelief but we girls have to deal with it. Unlike boys, we have more emotional feelings played in our head. Let's just see what the night would bring me. Gumball came to me with a high five as I shifted away giving a no expression as he did what Richard did.

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