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   "Look Whiskers, I'm sorry okay, this isn't what I wanted. I wanted to win the fight and take you up bridal style towards the sunset." Gumball said with pride. "Well, too bad you made this happen and now I don't think I can act the same way to anyone. Now leave me alone." I screamed as I slammed the door. "You do realise I wasn't at the door but in your house." I sighed, "just get out," he then weep his way out.
      I grabbed a pillow and shoved it into my face as I cried out. I stayed there for a while before a knock again boomed the door. I opened it to see no one. I grew a strange expression. I was then covered. I awoke being tied perfectly in a carved circle with a light bulb above. Flickering the light bulbs go as I struggled with my restraints. It was no use. I then heard a dark dim voice. "S-s-show yourself." Then a moment of silent as a shadow then appeared holding my cell with Gumball on the screen. "(Y/n)!!!" He screamed,
I then saw his whole.....thing..., he had a digital face with its odd shape with brown hair on top. "Rob let her go!!"
    "You have disrupted my attack on banana joe and now I will destroy everyone you love! When the clock hit 12, she will be dropped into a pool of water and she will drown and there won't be anyone to save her."
"Cmon Bob what do you want from me,"
"My NAME IS ROB!! And the only thing I want is you coming to fight me. Just you and me."
"Hey Rob!! Fight me like the man-person or thing you are!!!" I yelled as I heard a bone cracked which gave a hissing pain punching me like a punching bag.
"Okay second thought, don't do that. My bones are all still broken so carry on." I weakly smiled.
   "Rob! Leave her out of this!! She isn't here for- (Y/N)!! Oh my GOSH, DARWIN HERE AND ROB IMMA KICK YOUR BUTT!!" Then a beep sounded and silence echoed through the room. "Here, have a banana." I awkwardly smiled, "uh...t-t-t-thank you"I munched on the banana no handedly as he became giving inspections to me.

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