Beautiful mornings

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I leapt here and there as I was overjoyed that my parents were bringing me to a carnival. I got all my thing a ready and for extra coolness. I put on some shades and walked out like a boss. My parents giggled at my pose.
  "Excited much," she told with a giggling tone. "Yea!! It's awesome to spend time with my parents,"
"Well, mwhwhehe, Don't go too undercover. Mwhhmhm," Dad said with his laughing tone." I stared in confusion as I opened the door a bunch of clothes fell on me.
They laughed and I laughed along with them. "Dad!!"
"Hey, I had to get you back from that ketchup prank." He told.
   "Okay fam, I have a big announcement, I was talking...... to Nicole and they're coming with us!!! And it's now a camp!!"
  My eyes widened,"what?!! The Wattersons are coming??!!"
"I know isn't it great?" She tipped in excitement, I forced a smile and just sarcastically cheered her on.
   "Oh and by the way dad, I was also gonna prank so don't go so salty...."
and the salt was dropped all over him.

Time skip by the one and only Carrot Loving Fan

   "Today's gonna be a perfect day cuz it's all be wonderful stay!
Being with family is all that matters to me!" They sang. I glimpsed out the window with my paw supporting my drowning face." We were about to reach the campsite to meet them. My left arm still was broken. I sure can't wait to meet them... By the way guys that's sarcasm. I'm not trying to bug you or disappoint you but I'm really not looking forward to this. Let's just see what happens next. 

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