Christmas Tale Part 2

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    "DARWIN! Grab the banana launcher the next wave of rats are coming and I can't let them eat the cheese!!" Gumball shouted as I opened my present near the mutlicoloured Christmas tree when Dad comes in and grabs my present, "Dad, that's not food," I advised ,"Well look at you Ms SmartyPants, maybe you're right that it's not food but why can't I still eat it?"
"Cuz it's my present and knowing that it's not food, you might get food poisoning or choking."
The microwave then clicked and Dad dropped the present, "my sausages!!!" He happily rushed to the kitchen." I grabbed my present and ripped it open.

A/n: Sorry for the long wait but I'm back and I know it's not Christmas anymore but I'm still doing this tale! Hope u enjoyed!

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