Side Story(Part 2)

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     The flashback(from the previous story) still brought nightmares I could still imagine Gumball trying to eat my clothes for food when we ran out of food or that time that he thought that a tree was following us. Another time he was fought with the tree and broke his arm. "Welp, this is ur chance to wow me tonight Gumball unlike the last one," "The last one wasn't my fault, who would've the forest of doom was dangerous." "It's named the forest of doom for a reason."  "OK fine it's kind off my fault." I looked at him with a 'really?' face. "Okay, it's my fault, but u can't blame me for everything, you're the one who ate all the food." "What do expect? It's eat or be eaten," "U tried to bite off my arm (y/n)," "Like I said, it's eat or be eaten,"

  "Okay, okay, let's just focus on the date." He placed game face which made me laugh because it looked like he was trying to imitate Shrek. He saw me laughing which made me blush which made me feel retarded. Darwin came in to see my bright red cheeks glowing through the dimly lit room which made them redder. "One meal for you my lady, and one gumball." The meal a chocolate bar with jellybeans and sweets with sugar sprinkled on the top. The plates and the cups were paper but its Darwin he is that cute. The meal was so sweet it literally could give you diabetes in an instant. "Uhm I'm not hungry at the moment. But thanks...  But I couldn't see Darwin upset. I pretended to eat when I  actually just dropped it all into my shirt and dropped it on the darkly lit carpeted floor. Then Gumball then stood up and brought his hand upon my awkward face. "Would you dance with me?" He said shyly. "Okay..." I smile crept onto my lips and i grabbed onto his paw. Music then started to play and we swiftly through the dimly lit room. As the music goes deeper, we stare into each others eyes. We begin blush as the music slowly fades away and we only see ourselves in the worlds that lie against our thoughts. Then, Gumball's head slowly moves nearer towards me. My heart rapidly pumped as the butterflies in my stomach ignited my face. The moment passed so smoothly his lips and his touch so soft.

  I woke up from my bed, "Was it a dream?" I thought to myself and then a text from Gumball, 'To see him messaging regarding the date.' I went for school and remembered........ THE TEST!!!! AND I FAILED THE FIRST TIME IN MY EVER TEST all because of him but I would rather do prefer that over the test.  

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