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It was 3 am in the morning yoona was still awake her eyes were red and puffy from crying ...she felt disgusted in herself .

She looked at chang wook's sleeping figure with tears falling uncontrollably from her eyes.

She slipped out of the bed and put on her undies with a chang wook's shirt which she got first in her hand ...as her gown was completely not in any condition to wear it was completely torn and she was having no time to get something else ...she have to get out of there before moving out she pulled out the wedding ring from her finger and thrown it at the bed.

Yoona slipped out of the room without making any sound ...she ran through the hall way not even caring if she was only in chang wook's shirt.

She ran and ran until she finally was about to get out of the hotel but at the main door she seen chang wook's bodyguards sitting on the couches near the main door...she knows if they seen her they will never let her escape...she was trying to think her next move when someone suddenly pulled her into the corner.

Yoona gasped as she seen  who it was , it was chang wook's manager ...yoona instantly begged to him "No please don't take me to him...please "

"Shhhh, i am not taking you to him ..i am helping you to get out of here...just stay here " Manager kim said and walked towards the bodyguards ...Yoona seen as manager kim said something to the bodyguards and they instantly walked somewhere.

Yoona walked out of the corner and manager kim led her out of the hotel ...he also called one taxi for her ...yoona got inside the taxi and suddenly manager kim said "I am sorry for earlier ....and try to go far away if you really want to escape " Manager kim warned her.

"You ...you are the one who brought that one night contract to me right ?" Yoona asked as her eyes widen in shock.

"I am sorry ...you should leave " Manager kim said and taxi started moving.

Taxi stopped as they reached to yoona's apartment building...she got down and suddenly taxi driver asked her to pay for taxi ride ...she was not having any money suddenly, she remembered the choker in her neck ...she snatched it harshly from her neck and threw it towards the driver before running into the building .

Driver was in Awe seeing a diamond choker in his hand it was like a lottery to him.

Yoona reached her apartment ...she was their to grab somethings so she can go far away from that man ...which she disgusted more than anyone now.

Her body was sore and weak ....so, she thought to relax for a bit by thinking that ...she laid herself down on the bed and closed her eyes for the moment and suddenly without even realising she drifted off to sleep.

It was already 5 in the morning ...chang wook who was still sound asleep slightly moved on his bed and tried to cuddle yoona closer but he felt her side empty.

Chang wook quickly opened his eyes and sat up on the bed ...he looked around the room but found no one ...chang wook slipped out of the bed and wore his boxers ...he looked everywhere but yoona was nowhere in the room .

Suddenly, chang wook's eyes stopped at the shinning object on the bed ...he walked towards it and picked up the ring which yoona thrown on the bed before getting of the room.

Chang wook smirked as he looked at the ring and said with a evil grin on his face "You think you can escape...my lovely wife... JI YOONA "


It was 7 in the morning yoona was still sound asleep on her bed ...when suddenly , she felt something caressed her hairs ...yoona moved in her sleep not wanting to open her eyes ...as she was sleepy and her whole body was still aching with  pain.

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