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After 1 hour of yoona's contract signing chang wook disclosed the proof's of yoona's edited images on the internet with the information about CEO JANG  and his deeds all the edited images were taken off and were deleted from the internet and from everywhere .

CEO JANG is in the jail , as police still didn't got his confession about those photos.

Yoona got her apartment back ...and the owner apologised for being rude to her and its been a day since everything happened ...she got all her advertisements and modelling contracts back ...with many sorry letters and flowers.

Yoona smiled to herself as ...she read all the sorry letters and placed the flowers in her bedroom window.

She was lying on her bed when suddenly, her phone rang up ...yoona checked the phone screen it shows krystal's name.


I picked up the call with a smile "Hello unnie are you ?..did you heard the news ?" I asked.

"Yes, i got the news congratulation.... finally ...everything will be back to normal " Krystal unnie said with a sigh a of relief.

"I don't think everything will be back to normal unnie " I said... still thinking should i tell her about my marriage or not ....she will be angry as she is kind of overprotective about me.

"What do you mean ? don't sound happy anymore yoona " She said with her voice a bit serious now.

"Unnie....i ..i am getting married in 1 week " I finally dared to tell her about my wedding.

"What ?....are you serious  ? whom ? don't have any boyfriend , when did you meet him ?..and why wedding ..suddenly ?" She thrown many questions at me on same time.

"Unnie , relax i will tell you everything ...but not now, come to korea first ..when are you coming ?" I asked quietly.

"Yah, stop playing games tell me who is he ?...don't forget your mother given your responsibility to me before she died . " She yelled loudly on phone

"Unnie ...please i will tell you everything .... when you will be back, just tell me when are you coming back ?" I asked trying to calm her down.

"My shoot will take 6 more days " She said finally in low voice.

"Means will come on my wedding day " I said and i was really sad ..i wanted her here with me .

" 1 week that's too early yoona ...what about your career ?..please don't do anything stupid yoona " She said in quiet and calm voice.

"Unnie come back soon " I said and hanged up the call ...i can hear her yelling from other side but ...i can't listen to her anymore ...she is giving more tension to me...more than i already am.


Next 3 days passed by really fast with me doing nothing just meeting my director, photographer and producer ..i told all of them that, i will talk about the shoots later.

I was just sitting and checking  my phone ...when suddenly, i thought to take one selfie of mine .

when suddenly, i thought to take one selfie of mine

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