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"Everyone out of here " Chang wook yelled loudly at all the maids and bodyguards who were their on 25th floor as they heard him all of them rushed out of the door .....while ajumma given yoona one last concern look before leaving.

Chang wook didn't even cared if yoona was tripping again and again on the stairs but he just harshly dragged her to their room .

Once inside the room he pushed yoona on the wall and looked at her furiously before crashing his lips onto her while yoona squirmed under his grasp to break free from his rough angry kisses.

Yoona was not giving up and kept fighting until chang wook pulled away and given her a really angry look.

Yoona returned the same look back to him .

"Let go off me .....i did nothing wrong to be treated like this " Yoona yelled at chang wook.

Which just aroused chang wook's anger even more...."I will teach you how to obey " Chang wook said furiously before he thrown yoona over his shoulder and started walking towards the bed.

Yoona pounded his back as hard as she can but it seemed useless in front of chang wook's strength .

Once he was close to bed he thrown yoona on the bed roughly making her cry in fear.

Yoona quickly set up on the bed and seen chang wook taking off his court , tie and shirt ...which he thrown on floor   and hovered on top of her .

Yoona kept her hands on his chest trying to push him away but he held her both wrists in his hand and started kissing her again ...but yoona didn't stopped she kicked her legs more furiously .

"You won't stop like this... right? " chang wook said and he reached out for the neck tie which he thrown just now on the floor ...he grabbed it and tied yoona's both wrist above the bed and used his own legs to cover hers .

"Stop it " yoona yelled not begged for the first time.

Chang wook didn't stopped and once again slammed his lips onto hers .

But suddenly ..he felt yoona's tears on his face ...which for some reason made him pull away from her ...he looked down at her face to see her eyes closed .

Yoona opened her eyes when she felt chang wook go still.

She looked up to see chang looking at her intentionally  .

While chang wook just sighed and kept his whole weight on her body ..."I can't do this " Chang wook murmured into her neck with his breath fanning her neck.

Chang wook's one hand moved down and reached on yoona's hips to her jeans pocket from where he took out her phone and waved it in front of her and next thing she knows that her phone was thrown towards the wall and as it came in contact with the shattered into pieces.

Chang wook untied her both wrists and said "You are not allowed to go out or to talk to anyone are grounded .. This is your punishment " By saying this chang wook walked out of the room fuming.

Yoona just looked confused for a moment but then thought at least she was not raped again.

(1 week later)

Its been a week since yoona was locked up inside the house ...she was going insane with no one around and not even her mobile ...she was bored of reading books and watching movies.

She even tried to convince chang...but he didn't even replied all she remember him doing was to cuddle her every night ...when she sleeps beside him.

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