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Ji chang wook opened his eyes as he felt sun rays beamed at his eyes from half open curtains of the yacht.

Chang wook groaned feeling pain in his head ....then it took him a minute to open his eyes just to see the small figure of his wife wrapped around him.

Her hands were hugging his waist while her legs were tangled with his ....her head was on his chest .

A smile formed on his lips seeing her ...but it soon replaced with a frown when he seen some dry tears on her face .

What happened last night ?....What did i do ?.....Why can't i remember anything ?......Don't tell me i forced her again ?...chang wook questioned himself feeling guilty that he might have forced her again.

He sighed amd tried to move out of the bed but yoona was hugging him really tight ...chang wook slowly tried to move her hand away but she only moved more closer to him.

He tried once again but stopped when yoona opened her eyes and smiled at him.

Chang wook was shocked it was first time yoona actually smiled at him after their marriage .

After a minute chang wook snapped out of his thoughts when he felt yoona snuggling closer to him which he pulled the duvet closer over her covering her bare shoulders.

"Good morning " Yoona whispered softly.

"Hmmm" Chang wook just hummed as he was still thinking what happened last night ?

Suddenly chang wook felt yoona touching his face with her fingers ...He looked into her eyes and seen concern , care and, why ? Chang wook asked himself .

"What are you thinking ?" Yoona asked.

"Nothing" Chang wook said and caressed her face ...suddenly his phone rang up ....he reached out for it which was kept at the night stand beside the bed.

He answered it and ended the call in just a second ....he looked towards yoona and said "Get up and get ready we need to leave soon"

"No...i want to stay." Yoona said and pouted .

Chang wook frowned at her behaviour "what?"

"I want to stay..... let's stay here for today please ....please just two of us " Yoona said as she kissed his cheek trying to convince him.

"We can't ...we need to go to many places which i arranged for us " Chang wook said and looked at Yoona as her smile was gone now ..she just nodded and looked down  trying to search for something to wear before heading out of the bed and she finally found chang wook's shirt . she quickly wore it and tried to get out of the bed only to be pulled back by chang wook.

Yoona looked at him confused ...while chang hugged her tight and reached out for his phone on the bed stand and called someone "Cancel all the plans for today ...we are staying on this yacht ..prepare everything " Chang wook said and ended the call . He leaned forward and kissed yoona softly "I never want this radiant smile of your face to disappear " He smiled at her.

Yoona too smiled and hugged him tight "Thank you " She said softly .

To which chang wook just kissed side of her head lovingly.


Yoona and chang wook were sitting on the deck of the yacht having their breakfast which was prepared by yoona herself.

Yoona and chang wook were sitting on the deck of the yacht having their breakfast which was prepared by yoona herself

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