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After having breakfast chang wook handed yoona some medicines and said "Take them with water and take all the medicines as given in the prescription " He stopped for a minute and turned towards ajumma "Make sure she takes every medicine".

Chang wook said and left for his office ..while yoona was confused with his suddenly caring behaviour.

After chang wook left yoona just went to library and read some books until she seen yoonhee coming inside the library "Oh, come here " Yoona said to yoonhee.

"I was looking for you unnie ..look i have drawn you here " The little girl said in her cute voice while showing yoona her drawing book on which she drawn some drawing of a girl with crayons.

"Oh, is that me ? is really good " Yoona smiled at little girl and took her hand they both left to reach back on 25th floor where yoona asked ajumma to make chocolate milk for yoonhee and hot chocolate for herself.

Yoona and yoonhee were playing hide and seek while waiting for ajumma ...yoonhee hid herself behind the table while yoona was finding her and when yoona can't find her so she too hid herself behind the sofa and when yoonhee didn't seen her.... she came out of her hiding place and yoona shocked her by popping out from behind the sofa.

"Unnie cheated " Yoonhee whined.

ajumma smiled seeing yoona doing childish things with yoonhee...then she handed both of them their drinks.

As usual yoonhee left in the evening and yoona felt to swim so she went to chang wook's personal indoor swimming pool where she relaxed while swimming completely unaware of the cameras around the pool.

Chang wook came back from the office and directly headed to 25th floor ...when he reached in his room he didn't found yoona their so he went and asked to ajumma "Ajumma where is yoona ?"

"Oh, she is at the swimming pool" Ajumma answered while still continuing her work .

"What ? the pool" Chang wook asked his voice was high.

"Y..yeah " Ajumma stuttered.

Chang wook ran towards the swimming pool and smacked his head for not warning yoona about the cameras ...who knows what she is wearing.

Chang wook was in awe seeing yoona in a dark blue swimming suite which was really alluring and didn't really covered much...he almost clenched his fist knowing that bodyguards sitting at the camera room had a good view of his wife's body.

Without wasting a minute chang wook yelled at yoona "Come out now " Yoona was almost startled when she heard him yell at her

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Without wasting a minute chang wook yelled at yoona "Come out now " Yoona was almost startled when she heard him yell at her.

Yoona quickly sunk herself inside the water not wanting him to see her like this ...."I said come out before i jump in their and drag you out myself " Chang wook yelled once again .

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