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Hello, i am IM YOONA and i am a model .....i don't really have to struggle or do some sort of things to reach here and get success cause my mom was also a model, people know her well and they helped me a lot.

I am 24 years old ...its been 6 years since i became a part of this glamorous world...after my mother passed out...i started modelling .

And i really love my work ....i do it with full passion and determination .

I am single....i dated many people but it didn't last long may be 15 days was the farthest i dated someone .

Cause all the men's i met were jerks and womanisers all they want was to take advantage of me ...but i didn't allowed any of them to lay a hand on me.

My mother always warned me about this world and i always remembered her advice as my father was one of the jerk who left my mother, she was knowing more than me...that's why ?....i always follow her rules...even today when she is not here.

But, i always loved her ...and i  know she will always stay by my side in my heart.

So, again today's day starts.... woke up early , done my morning routine and went to do exercise after doing exercise...i prepared breakfast for myself and left the apartment after having breakfast.

I reached to my work place where i was having some shoots today "Yoona , come on get ready fast" Photographer ordered and i quickly nodded before entering  into my changing room.

Their i was greeted by KRYSTAL unnie ..."Hello, today you are late...get ready fast you have shoot after me" She said as she walked out . she was Wearing beautiful black gown she has kind of advertisement shoot.

I quickly changed and make up artist done my makeup.

As i head out for the shoot.


After the shoot it was evening already suddenly, JIN YOUNG unnie approached me and said "will you come to the club be are all going tonight " 

"I don't really know i am tired " I said with a sigh.

"Yah, at least for once join us...don't make excuse you are also coming today with us" She said and walked away and i know i have to go.


I am ji chang wook ...i am 27 ...i am the owner of biggest and richest company of south korea ...I am a billionaire .

I only love myself and nothing else...i never really liked anyone more than myself.....i only admire myself.

I was getting ready when some girl hugged me tightly from behind ....I don't even know her name ...i just sighed and turned around without a word ..she slammed her lips on mine and i accepted her kiss and kissed her roughly.

But, suddenly the room door opened revealing my manager .....I pushed the girl away while she given me a shocked look "You can get out " I  said coldly before walking towards my manager leaving the girl dumbfounded on her place.

I always do this all i do was to play with them and nothing else.

"How can you have a new girl every hour ...not even a day ?" My manager asked looking away.

"Its not my problem that they throw themselves at me " I answered and started wearing my court.

"Okay, i just came to tell you today be have a meeting at the hotel PLAZA ...i think you even have to stay their today" My manger told me as he handed me a file for today's meeting.

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