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Chang wook held yoona's wrists and tightened his grip on her wrist when suddenly, he heard ajumma's voice behind him "Omo, her wrists are badly bruised you shouldn't do this " He loosened his grip on her wrist but never let it go.

"Did i allowed you to come into my room ajumma ?" Chang wook asked while still glaring at yoona .

"I am sorry, i just brought this ice pack for miss" Ajumma answered bowing her head.

"Leave it here , you can go now and next time don't enter without knocking ajumma" Chang wook said as he let go off yoona's wrist now and yoona again stared at the floor.

"Yes, sir " Ajumma said and left the room while keeping the ice and a cool pad on the table.

As ajumma left closing the door behind her chang wook grabbed yoona's chin harshly and forced her to look up and said with a threatening tone "Don't ever use your hands on me again or i will rip them apart " Chang wook's eyes were dark at that time.

Yoona just  looked at him with blank face and rolled her eyes ...showing him that she is not afraid of his threat.

Chang wook's hand moved from her chin to her face and squeezed her face making her mouth to open little and started forcing the food into her mouth ...yoona tried to move her head away but chang wook continued forcing food into her mouth now she was gasping for air as tears streamed her face .

She  swallowed to breath as she did chang wook stopped for a moment until she was done and again began forcing food in her mouth "" Yoona gasped .

Chang wook just forced food harshly into her mouth as she tried to close her mouth it ended up cutting her lip with chopstick ...she can even feel her own blood into her mouth with the food ...but chang wook just continued forcing food mercilessly until the plate was empty clean.

After He left her face...she gasped for air and ran into the bathroom vomiting all what he forced into her mouth ....after yoona was done she just sat down on the floor holding her head into her hands cause it even started hurting now .

Yoona weakly stood up and walked towards the wash basin into the bathroom and washed her face with cold water ....suddenly, she felt someones hand touching her hairs ...she quickly jumped away just to see chang wook standing their with a smirk on his face.

"As i seen you vomited everything you eaten so, now you are going to eat more ...come on " Chang wook said as he walked closer to her while yoona shook her head frantically walking back.

Chang wook just grabbed her forearm and dragged her out into the room and pushed her on couch "You have two choices either you will drink this milk or i will make you eat another plate of food just like before " Chang wook said and crossed his hands in front of his chest.

With shaking yoona took the glass of milk and gulped half of the glass in one go and another half in later even when it was a bit warm . She kept the glass back on the table and was about to walk away into the bedroom when suddenly...chang stopped her and made her sit back on the couch.

He held her wrist but a bit gently this time, He took out the first aid kit from the small drawer and started finding something in it.

Once chang wook was done , he put a small drop of cream on his thumb and started massaging it on yoona's lips where she got a cut.

After Chang was done he held yoona's face and caressed it with his long fingers, he leaned forward while yoona sat still looking directly into his eyes ...then chang whispered into her ear "You should learn to listen , so the pain will subside by itself" Then, he took a pause and allowed his hand to roam into her soft black hairs ...then grabbed them harshly making her whimper "And if you don't it will hurt you even more"

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