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Amirag By AMIRAGJ17 Updated Aug 06, 2018

A beautiful model named IM YOONA becomes a obsession of one cruel, heartless and player CEO JI CHANG WOOK .

She tries to run away but he didn't let her...and he makes her life upside down....he wants her all for himself ...he is obsessed with her....but do you really think it obsession or it is love.


"D....don't come...any closer" Yoona yelled with tears ...her body shivering with fear and anger at the same time.
But, he doesn't care...chang walked towards her and grabbed her arm ...pulling her closer.
"How dare you try to run ?....we are going back home right now" He said furiously.....
"No, i am not coming with you ...you...are ..a liar you ...tricked me....forced me " Yoona said sobbing and struggling in his grasp.
"Please let me go...you already...got what you wanted ...you already did it with me" She sobbed more..and tried to move away from him.
Chang wook grabbed her and thrown her on bed before she can set up he hovered on top her..."Do you think i wasted my this much money on you ....just for one night....no, you are my toy...my obsession you will be with me...until i am done with you " Chang said furiously...making her cry even more.
So, here is the Prologue  of my new yoon wook story ....
Cover by HAN RA MI .......@PervRash

H̺i̺g̺h̺e̺s̺t̺ r̺a̺n̺k̺i̺n̺g̺ 925 i̺n̺ f̺a̺n̺f̺i̺c̺t̺i̺o̺n̺ ?????

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