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After chang wook left yoona opened the envelope which was found at her door ....it was an notice from their building head asking her to leave this building as soon as possible or her apartments , light and water will be cut.

Yoona's eyes grew wide after reading that notice ...she quickly took her phone and called the owner of the building.

After couple of rings finally ..he picked the call "Hello" 

"Hello, sir its me Im yoona.... what is this notice ?...i already paid half money for this apartment how can you do this to me ?...i have many memories here with my mother " Yoona asked many questions at same time.

"Look , miss its not me all the people living in building asked me to do this after your ..those, never mind...but, they said if you will live here then they won't ..they don't want their children to live in this environment...so, i have send notice ...you have to leave today or i will cut your light and water " Owner answered in a rude tone.

"But, where will i go in one day ?...and what about the money i paid for this apartment ?" Yoona asked .

"I will send your money when you will leave ...and i don't want to listen anything anymore...please just leave " Owner said and hanged up the call.

"Hello, ...hello " Yoona yelled on a phone but no one heard her....she sat down on the floor with tears in her eyes "Why this is happening with me ?" Yoona asked to herself.

Suddenly, her phone rang up ...she seen it was her director's number ...she quickly picked up the call "hello ....directornim ...what did police said about those photos ...they were fake right ?" Yoona asked hopefully.

"No, i am sorry yoona but test result says those photos were not edited ...now, we can't do anything " Director replied apologetically.

"But, it was not me ...please ..those test results are false ..please " Yoona almost begged to him.

"Yoona please..you know we tried ...i really don't know what to do now ?" Director replied in a sad tone.

A loud sob escaped yoona's lips ...she quickly hanged up the call...not able to take it anymore ...as she broken into loud sobs crying ...to herself.


Chang wook reached to his office and his manager looked at his furiously ....as he followed chang to his office room "What the hell is this ?" his manager yelled throwing some papers at his desk.

"A marriage contract " Chang wook said in a bored tone .

"I know that but, why ?....why the hell did you said your lawyer to prepare it ?" His manager asked furiously .

"Of course to get married but on my terms and conditions " Chang said with a sigh.

"That girl im yoona i thought ..you did all this just for one night like you do with others but a marriage ..you are going to ruin her whole life ....and this contract more than marriage its a slave contract " His manager almost yelled at him.

"First thing marrying me is the dream of thousands of girls so....i don't know, how it ruins her life and second i don't care if it seems like a slave contract ...but , she have to sign it marry me or i will turn her life into living hell " Chang wook said with a devilish smirk on his face.

"After marrying you also her life will be a hell " His manager said slowly .

"Even if it will be ...why do you care ?...and don't interfere... be in your limits ...and get out of here " Chang wook said darkly and started calling some one while reading the contract .

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