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Yoona opened her eyes and found herself lying on a cold , dusty floor .

She slowly got up and clutched her head into her hands as it was throbbing ..."Ahhhh....

my head hurts " yoona said to herself.

"Where am i ?" Yoona questioned to herself when suddenly she heard someone "Oh our beautiful jackpot is awake"

Yoona whipped her head in the direction of the voice just to see two mens standing their with a silly smirk on their faces.

"W..who ..are y..you ?" Yoona asked with a trembling voice .

The persons smirked grew wide before he yelled for someone " Boss she is awake"

Yoona looked at him confused and then within a minute their were some more mans who entered inside that room.

After 4 of other mans suddenly one man entered, for some reason he had a really dark aura which made yoona afraid of him.

The man walked towards her and crouched down upto her level and that's when yoona got the clear view of his face...the man was having good looks and brown hairs which were combed perfectly and brushed his forehead with deep eyes.

Yoona felt sudden fear rising inside her when that men touched her face with his fingers...yoona moved back feeling disgusted and scared under his touch.

While the man just smirked seeing her fear "Oh little kitten is scared " he said as he yanked yoona closer by holding her hairs making her whimper in pain.

" Let go. Who are You ? Why am i here?" Yoona asked looking directly into his eyes trying to show herself brave.

,"Oh ...so our little kitten got a big mouth to talk so much " The man said and next thing yoona know is that he slapped her hard ...making her fall on the floor in lying position.

" I hate when someone shows such a brave side in front of me " The man in front of her muttered.

Yoona felt her tears.. due to sharp pain on her face she have never been slapped before not by anyone...not even her mother.

"Now i think we should call your dear husband to come and get you ...but you know when he will come here ...he will just end up dying and you .......to you ... I can keep you to have some fun" The man said and laughed loudly ...he was about to head out of the room when suddenly he stopped when yoona spoke

"Why do you want to kill him ?" Yoona asked weakly as she sat up on floor.

"You don't need to know " The man muttered .

"He will never come here to die for me ...you got the wrong person " Yoona said as she looked directly at him.

The man smirked and said "If you think that then i don't think you know him.. he will surely come "

With that the man walked out of the room leaving yoona alone there.

Yoona just sighed ...and wished that chang would come here and save her from all this ...but why will he come to die here just for her ? Yoona thought to herself.


I was getting worried about yoona where the hell is she ? ...i can't even trace her .... It has been while now when my guards found her car near one park .

Suddenly my phone rang up i picked the call just to hear the voice of the person i hate the most.

"Hello old friend " Kie my biggest enemy said .

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