5. Awakenings

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Valerie led Lorne into the bedroom, then paused as she thought. Two of us unsure. I've never done this. "You'll have to be patient with me. I've no experience with this. "

"You're also a virgin?"

She laughed. "Not since my teens. It's just that I've never initiated one."

They stood gazing into each other's eyes for a long while in silence, a smile growing on Valerie's face as she thought. "Several ways we can approach this. We could take an organic route; begin with another kiss and let our passions take over. Or we could be more scientific. Undress and allow our eyes to explore, enjoying a slow building of tensions as we get to know each other more fully."

"What's your preference?"

Valerie reached down to unbuckle his belt. "I like the slow route. Let's take our time and undress each other." She undid the waist fastenings, pulled down the zipper and let his trousers drop to the floor. "Your turn."

Lorne kicked off his shoes as he stepped out of his trousers. "Where do I begin?"

She raised her arms. "Lift my sweater inside out over my head. The next steps will become obvious as we proceed."

Half a minute later, after assisting her out of her thong, he stood staring with his mouth hanging open. "You're absolutely gorgeous. Turn slowly around and let me drink in all of you. The online photos fall far short of this."

"Online photos?" Valerie jerked to a stop. "What online photos?"

Lorne chuckled. "There are so many sites these days. My eyes ceased being virgins a long time ago. The magazines and then the internet have allowed me to have virtual sex with my hand for many years."

She continued turning. "So, you know what women's bodies look like."

"Yes, but only two-dimensionally. It's far beyond time I experienced the other dimensions. The feel, the aroma, the taste, the depth."

"Oh, fuck!" She took three quick steps to wrap him in a hug, pressing her mound into his thigh as she moaned.

He brushed his lips across hers, the gentle kiss quickly escalating. Two minutes later, their mouths parted, and he pulled his fingers from her folds. "I love the silky slipperiness."

Valerie continued stroking him. "I thought we opted for the slow route."

Lorne lifted his fingers to his nose, shuddering as he breathed in. "I had read it's an intoxicating aroma."

"Nature's original perfume. Designed to entice."

"It certainly works." He picked her up and carried her to the bed.

Twenty minutes later, she lay slumped on top of him, recovering from another orgasm. "Can't believe you've never done this."

"Only in theory, never in practice. Except single-handed." Lorne chuckled as he cupped her butt cheeks and began another gentle grind. "You're a great teacher."

Valerie's entire body quaked with the renewed sensations sweeping through her; then she gripped him with a series of tight Kegels to regain focus. "It's your turn now. What can I do to help?"

"Let me see how your breasts move. Let me watch the action of your lips. Visual stimulation has been my mainstay for years."

She rose to kneel above him, and four minutes later, a series of loud pulsating moans erupted from deep in Lorne's throat as he shuddered in release, triggering another orgasm for Valerie. She collapsed onto him, and they writhed together as their bodies convulsed.

When he had calmed, Lorne said, "Sorry I took so long."

"Oh, God! You have no idea how silly that sounds."


A pleasant while later, Valerie and Lorne luxuriated under the pulse of the three shower nozzles and the touch of exploring hands. As she knelt to wash him, she asked, "Does it ever get smaller than this?"

He chuckled. "Not with you washing it like that." Then craning his head down for a closer look, he added, "But that's about its normal dangle."

"Hmmm." Valerie gave it a twirl. "I've never handled one this size. I've seen them online, but..." She paused, looked up and blushed.

Lorne smiled into her eyes. "So, you also use the internet for relief?"

"It's safer that way." She pulled back his skin, studying the action of its folding and unfolding for a while before she began gently washing his head.

He trembled at the sensations. "When was your last non-virtual man?"

"A few minutes ago." She grinned. "But before that, a long time. I..." She paused and grimaced. "I don't want to think about it."

"The way you use your body, I would not have guessed."

"And you, yours. I told you making love is instinctual."

"But the way you guided me."

"Guiding you to do things which please me. You'll soon learn to do the same. To allow me to know what pleases you."

"Your grip. The way you squeeze me. The pulsating. I didn't realise women could do that."

"I exercise. My yoga coach preaches that Kegels make orgasms both easier to achieve and more intense."


"Exercises for the pelvic muscles."

"You train for sex?"

"Research continues to show orgasms are beneficial to both physical and emotional health." She teased his head with the tip of her tongue. 

Lorne let out a deep moan as he cradled Valerie's head in his hands. "Doctor reminds me every check-up that frequent ejaculations decrease the incidence of prostate cancer." 

She smiled up into his eyes. "Another reason to keep each other healthy." 

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