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Followed ✓by jandralee
Boy meets girl, girl falls in love, blah-blah-blah. Let me be clear with you from the beginning. This is not that kind of story. My name is Cait, and I live in the g...
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That Which Must Happen by Sebastiano_Lanza
That Which Must Happenby Sebastiano_Lanza
That Which Must Happen releases on Kindle & Kindle Unlimited 30.10.2018. Benjamin is a child able to foresee and forestall events unfolding in his life and that of other...
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Posted As Missing by ZonderZorg
Posted As Missingby Michael Walsh
Early in World War One, a young Canadian soldier is wounded and trapped behind German lines. He uses quick thinking and ingenuity to evade capture, then deeper into enem...
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Trust-List by LochiLochani
Trust-Listby Lochani pushpa
Xenia is kinda bipolar. She is someone you would have never seen before but can relate to. She will feed you sea cucumbers while telling about aliens and thinks her mom...
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After Daniel's Life by Leanniette
After Daniel's Lifeby Leanne Spraggins
Daniel Callahan once called the small brick home on Honeysuckle Lane his, until he died. He has had to share his home with countless others since his death. Daniel has...
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fragile [PREVIEW ONLY] by jandralee
fragile [PREVIEW ONLY]by jandralee
NOW PUBLISHED. What does it mean to be normal? It's such a loaded word, with about a billion different meanings, and every one of them makes Ava Collins sick. At 17, Ava...
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Faces Of Liars [poetry chapbook; english] by EPrescott
Faces Of Liars [poetry chapbook; h i d d e n l o v er
I have three faces. One for the world, one for the closests, and the last one I save for myself. And all those faces are fake. - "Sometimes we liars forget our face...
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River Belly and Other Stories | A Short Story Collection by FayLane
River Belly and Other Stories | Faera Lane
A collection of short fiction, prompts, excerpts, contest entries & poetry. I will be adding to it as inspiration and time allow.
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ARE [PARANORMAL; UPDATE BI-WEEKLY]by h i d d e n l o v er
SHINWA -- In a small Northern town, whenever someone about to die, a strange woman appears. Dressing in a black fleece cloak and wearing a ram skull on her head, she's t...
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Contests on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Contests on the Literary Fiction The Literary Fiction Network
Join our contests for literary fiction and win prizes and street... Wattpad cred! Within is information for the monthly, semi-annually, annual, everything in between pro...
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Frannie, Book One 1987 - 1990, 2009 - 2010 by curt_buckley
Frannie, Book One 1987 - 1990, Curt Buckley
Three books, one great story. Part love story, part bildungsroman, part mystery, part thriller. It is funny and sad and erotic and smart, just like the extraordinary peo...
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Sunlight 24 by MG1440
Sunlight 24by MG1440
If the game wasn't fair before, it's definitely not fair now. Or so thinks Dorian Waters, part of the ever-expanding portion of humanity who can't afford the nano-implan...
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It Might Be You by prosenpoetry
It Might Be Youby lεα καlεs
"This is me. This is my story. This is my life," said I. "But how about me?" you asked. "This story may be about you," I replied. - One Sho...
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Dance Between Devils by NineLight
Dance Between Devilsby Brash Writing
All pencil drawings are by artist Djamila Knopf. "Heaven is closer to the last step you took, not the next. " Figments of lucid dreams are all that accompany a...
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Voices by angelyntjf
Voicesby Angie
What happens when you can't stop the voices in your head? Louisa Simmons is just another girl, invisible to the world, lost in the abyss of her thoughts, desperate for a...
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The Façade of Quad in Nimrod by TheTigerWriter
The Façade of Quad in Nimrodby Emberlin Tiger
The Quad family is of the social elite with two sons and one daughter. Oldest brother "Beagley" was the star of the family. Little sister Valerie is engaged to...
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Bittersweet by yui__dayo
Bittersweetby ゆい
He's made up of concrete skyscrapers, but I'm made up of spring wind. © yui__dayo 2018. designed by me」 cover art owned by akira kusaka」
  • heartbreak
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The Midnight City Social Hour by MaySahin
The Midnight City Social Hourby MaySahin
The first prank is an adult dating site to siphon money from the recruit. The third prank gives the website access to their customers' webcams. Because everyone in the g...
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Short Stories by KLCandela
Short Storiesby kristebelle
This will be a series of shorts, either short fictions, poetry or prose. They will occasionally be snapshots from my blog, but often the result of writing prompts that I...
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