Immature || Park Jimin by saegulkim
Immature || Park Jiminby Saegul Kim
"We have been dating ever since we were 6 years old." _ Everything changed between Yeseul and Jimin once adolescence kicked in. _______________________________...
  • romance
  • parkjimin
  • love
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There for You by whenhazzametboo
There for Youby whenhazzametboo
Eleven year old Zayn is abused at home, and Mr. Tomlinson finds out.
  • harry
  • louis
  • nuturing
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One Direction Fluff by whenhazzametboo
One Direction Fluffby whenhazzametboo
Fluffy one shots featuring the boys. Requests are always open xxx Cover made by QueenAwesomeSauce
  • sickfics
  • hurt-comfort
  • fluffy
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obsessed by bbjenzie
obsessedby rebecca
" any obsession is dangerous " Mackenzie is popular at her school. When someone starts acting weird on instagram, will she be able to keep her reputation? Will...
  • stalker
  • romance
  • social
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Moments of gladness, moments of sadness & everything in-between. by SonnetsByXander
Moments of gladness, moments of Xander Rowen
I'm an 18 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy, depression and anxiety. I'm a British Hipster Punk Fuck who has dreams of happiness and independence. Living with my difficul...
  • disability
  • disabled
  • adolescence
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girl sh*t that i HATE by thefnafandsonicgeek
girl sh*t that i HATEby Geeky
Girls only!!! sucks....ok girls! time to let it go! let puberty out of the way and say hello to the expressing book! I'm glad to hear you roar! ROAR!!!!
  • girlsonly
  • periods
  • yup
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Withered Dreams by penny88
Withered Dreamsby Penny Hawking
If two heads are better than one, than three is superb. Follow the lives of three best friends, Drew, Dusty and Melody as they deal with insecurities, trust, bad decisi...
  • bwwm
  • penny
  • woman
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The Party Wolf's Howl: A Jay x Reader Fanfic by prettyoddnotold
The Party Wolf's Howl: A Jay x jesus
Jay from Big Mouth takes you, the reader, on one hell of a sensual ride. Full of love, lust, magic, and quoting his dad's law commercials.
  • netflix
  • notchildporn
  • romance
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hotel love by bbjenzie
hotel loveby rebecca
" it's more than just hotel love " In Europe for the first time, Mackenzie arrives in Italy with an open mind. She meets so many good friends there, including...
  • johnnyorlando
  • itallian
  • abuse
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The Boy Who Read Minds by veronicasoli
The Boy Who Read Mindsby Veronica
Aaron's special power might just be the coolest -or scariest- thing ever! It's always helped with his bad boy reputation, his rightfully arrogant all-knowing intimidatio...
  • mindreader
  • badboy
  • teen-fiction
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Period Stories by prxncxssxngxl
Period Storiesby chechai
We all know that periods are a part of our journey to womanhood. Well if you already have one, this book is for you! From unexpected to embarrassing, this book is about...
  • journey
  • teen
  • realtalk
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my sunshine by bbjenzie
my sunshineby rebecca
" she is made from sunlight " This book is about Mackenzie's boy life, and what she goes through as a teen girl. When Johnny finally realises he loves her, she...
  • abuse
  • badboy
  • johnny
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Inside Out 2 by Hufflepuff3107
Inside Out 2by Hufflepuff3107
Will the emotions accidentally press the " big red button"? What will happen when the button is pushed? Will Riley change if the button is pushed? How will th...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • emotions
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October  by ZombieVomitblood
October by ZombieVomitblood
October Niccals faces the terrible fate of puberty.
  • stuartpot
  • noodle
  • russel
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Wrong Send by darkmelody64
Wrong Sendby darkmelody64
The most unexpected story you'll ever read
  • badgirl
  • mystery
  • unexpected
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The Puberty of a Dragon by LillyAkaFilly
The Puberty of a Dragonby Lilly Anderson
Spike is a baby dragon who has lived with his pony friend and a mother-figure-of-sorts Twilight Sparkle ever since he hatched from an egg. The two have always lived in h...
  • kink
  • puberty
  • spike
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[ puberty ]  by myhappyvirus_
[ puberty ] by channie 🍓
"Dam, how she look so fine" " it's called puberty fuckboi" -- This book is honestly full of bullshit
  • highschool
  • puberty
  • freshlee
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The Goldbergs: Adam & Barry Smut  by snapers
The Goldbergs: Adam & Barry Smut by snapers
Adam has just hit puberty and has loads of questions about what's happening to his body, so he goes and asks the only person he thinks can help his big brother Barry and...
  • seangiambrone
  • gay
  • adam
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The Other Side by AneleGabriellaBhengu
The Other Sideby Anele Gabriella Bhengu
♡[Highest Ranking #2- newsouthafrica]♡ Cindy Whiteman is not your normal mixed race teenage girl. Born and raised in New York, at age 16 she was dragged to South Afric...
  • unpredictable
  • teenager
  • new
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puberty ; discontinued  by troyesuvans
puberty ; discontinued by s
"Woah who's the hot chick," "Uh, my sister, it's Amanda you've known her since you were 5," "She looks completely different," "It's c...
  • girls
  • sammywilk
  • jackgilinsky
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