Immortally Beloved: A Vampire's Vignettes [#Wattys 2018 ] by JadedElegance
Immortally Beloved: A Vampire's Alayna-Renee Vilmont
Born into the lap of luxury and a time of turmoil, Duchesse Eleonore Vigneron experiences her coming of age in the Court of Louis XVI . Embroiled in the chaos that surro...
  • chicklit
  • femaleprotagonist
  • generalfiction
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Caged The Human Zoo by rocazella
Caged The Human Zooby K. J. Rocazella
Eugenics. The genetic divide between your people and mine. There's me, Priya. I live in the Zoo. Then there's you, Jax. You live in the real world. An original to...
  • fantasy
  • death
  • romance
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The Wattpad Murders (Others Now Shall Fall) by bigimp
The Wattpad Murders (Others Now Mick Smith
#COMPLETED/WATTPAD FEATURED# Interpol edit of infamous 'Wattpad Murders' confessional. Status: completed Length:60000 words (240 novel pages approx) Selected for Wattpad...
  • philippines
  • grownupreads
  • crime
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Levies of Devotion by NIKBENJAMIN
Levies of Devotionby Nik Benjamin
Love of country and love for two women bridge the lives of two boys across class and culture. Robbie, heir of a wealthy manufacturing family; robust and charismatic, tr...
  • toronto
  • grownupreads
  • comingofage
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May Day (The Erelong Trilogy Book II) by GerardONeill
May Day (The Erelong Trilogy Gerard O'Neill
For fans of The Atlantis Gene, The Hunger Games, and Red Rising, this high-suspense, action-filled, sci-fi novel continues the story of a teenager from the outback who f...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • sf
  • horror
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Jubilee Year: A Novel (Erelong Trilogy Book I) - An Extended Sample by GerardONeill
Jubilee Year: A Novel (Erelong Gerard O'Neill
Astronomers meeting with bad accidents all around the globe had a secret they wanted you to know... Teams of hired assassins are on the loose, governments go into lockdo...
  • sciencefiction
  • metaphysical
  • conspiracytheory
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The Silent Ones by revalian
The Silent Onesby —𝐑𝐀𝐄
For most of her life, Amelie Sparks had been accused of delinquency because of her perennial disobedience to her mother. Not only was the accusation wrong in Amelie's ey...
  • literary
  • privateschool
  • darkfantasy
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Selective Memories by OnyeNkem
Selective Memoriesby OnyeNkem
Anna Schwarz and her friends prefer to remember the convenient aspects of the nation's history, joining their ancestors in the seemingly never-ending struggle to legitim...
  • adelaide
  • litreads
  • indigenous
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Guide to the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Guide to the Literary Fiction The Literary Fiction Network
An introduction and comprehensive guide to the Literary Fiction Network: what we do, what we believe in, how we help writers and readers, how we plan to grow the communi...
  • author
  • literary
  • litreads
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Featured Reads on the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Featured Reads on the Literary The Literary Fiction Network
A featured read every week/two weeks will be recommended and reviewed here. Tune in and add to your reading lists for brilliant literary work that will for sure inspire...
  • litfic
  • author
  • contest
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Goddess of The Rainbow by PatrickBrigham
Goddess of The Rainbowby Patrick Brigham
My current novel, Goddess of The Rainbow, is a very Greek story involving the rain, and how flooding changes us, moves the finger of fate, and causes us to reflect on ou...
  • disaster
  • flooding
  • drama
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