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A Loveless Marriage by JessicaHSwift
A Loveless Marriageby Jessica Swift
"Well it is unfortunate that you will be saddled with a husband, despite your preference to remain a spinster," Mr Wilkes said with a smirk. "I beg your p...
  • historicalfiction
  • historicalromance
  • featured
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Why didn't he let me die? | UNDER EDITING by PrettyLegiit
Why didn't he let me die? | Clau.
Arisela's life has been a never-ending rollercoaster. She is a beautiful, smart, talented girl; she had dreams that she wanted to fulfill, just like all of us do. But a...
  • literary
  • love
  • bullied
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The Watchmaker's Gift by GMTSchuilling
The Watchmaker's Giftby G. M. T. Schuilling
Book I of The Watchmaker Chronicles. #1 LiteraryFiction. They say some things are meant to happen; others were just not to be. But what if they're WRONG? What if you co...
  • bipolardisorder
  • friendship
  • mentalhealth
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The Myth of Wile E by wednesdaymccool
The Myth of Wile Eby Colleen Cooper
Highest Ranking: #1 in Humor [FEATURED, SEPT-OCT] An idealistic poet refuses to budge from the last parcel of land a developer needs to acquire in order to build a sho...
  • litreads
  • wattpride
  • comedy
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Guide to the Literary Fiction Network by LiteraryFiction
Guide to the Literary Fiction The Literary Fiction Network
An introduction and comprehensive guide to the Literary Fiction Network: what we do, what we believe in, how we help writers and readers, how we plan to grow the communi...
  • group
  • literaryfictionnetwork
  • fiction
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The Heart of the Earthapple (and Other Short Stories) by authorhlumelo
The Heart of the Earthapple (and Hlumelo
A collection of unique African stories set in a neo-mythology full of boys who feed crocodiles daily to keep them from villages, God-Queens who rule over humble farmland...
  • africanmythology
  • fantasyrealism
  • kingdom
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The Watchmaker's Doctor ✔️ by GMTSchuilling
The Watchmaker's Doctor ✔️by G. M. T. Schuilling
What if . . . you could redo it all? A novella. #3 TimeTravel. If you could go back in time and redo one thing in your life, what would it be? Anaya, a disillusioned, t...
  • bipolardisorder
  • mentalhealth
  • newadult
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Willfully Blind by BAngelaRedd
Willfully Blindby B. Angela Redd
Daryn Upton is used to getting what she wants. She's been that way her entire life. Her adoring husband Courtney is willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to oblige...
  • romance
  • literaryfiction
  • wattys2019
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Aftermath by Di_Rossi
Aftermathby Berengaria di Rossi
England 1921. For fifty handicapped veterans left without home or job after WW1, the only person standing between them and utter destitution is Olivia Altringham. Lacki...
  • veteran
  • love
  • adultfiction
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The Portrait Of Evienne by JadedElegance
The Portrait Of Evienneby Alayna-Renee Vilmont
Sixteen-year-old Evienne de Roussel has dreamed of one thing since she was a little girl. More than anything, she wants to be a part of the glittering court of Versaille...
  • generalfiction
  • maturethemes
  • drama
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Eden is a Maternity Ward by authorhlumelo
Eden is a Maternity Wardby Hlumelo
Sapling is a boy. When he becomes a man, his name will change to Spring. When he comes into his godhood, he will become He Who Is The Beginning Of Great Things. But to r...
  • drama
  • poem
  • elements
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Lies We Tell by lrredd
Lies We Tellby L.R. Redd
*ONGOING SERIAL FICTION* One lie can change everything. Seventeen-year-old Audrey always thought she had the world's greatest mom, until a lie came out tha...
  • chicklit
  • lieswetell
  • lovestory
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King of Mist by Hafferby
King of Mistby Evelyn Hafferby
What happens when a writer gets lost in his own stories? Why is he stuck and how does he escape? The only novel to include a character from a Bob Dylan song fighting Jim...
  • litreads
  • adventure
  • literaryfiction
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Hayden by traveler_penbrooke
Haydenby Traveler Penbrooke
Hayden refuses to tell you anything about who they are. In fact, they won't tell you what their race, gender, or even eye color is. Don't bother asking about it. They do...
  • relationship
  • comedy
  • japan
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The Painted Altar by bigimp
The Painted Altarby Mick Smith
##COMPLETED/FULL-LENGTH## Two interconnected murders, 64 years apart. Plot Set partly in rural England, partly on the sun-kissed coast of southerm Italy, The Painted Al...
  • litfic
  • wwii
  • crimefiction
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Nika by BG_Davies
Nikaby B.G. Davies
  • canada
  • mystery
  • hemingway
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The Wattpad Murders (Others Now Shall Fall) by bigimp
The Wattpad Murders (Others Now Mick Smith
#COMPLETED/WATTPAD FEATURED# Interpol edit of infamous 'Wattpad Murders' confessional. Status: completed Length:60000 words (240 novel pages approx) Selected for Wattpad...
  • quirky
  • killer
  • england
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Here and There by HeyLaydeee
Here and Thereby Meaghan Douglas
After 2 years of traveling with a rodeo, Ophelia finds herself far from home, jobless, and unexpectedly pregnant. As she makes her way from Kansas to California, she gr...
  • novella
  • california
  • strong-female-character
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Brightbold strikes a Walker twice by tessytaartje
Brightbold strikes a Walker twiceby tessytaartje
(I'm changing the formatting to fit the standard Wattpad type, so if the formatting is different in some chapters, that's the reason) In the south of the continent of Ea...
  • history
  • literary
  • familyhistory
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Wonderwall ✔ by originalverbivore
Wonderwall ✔by Jessy
Wonderwall: (n) Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time, someone you're infatuated with. A plastic turtle, a sports girl, summer camp, surfing and a cup of...
  • short
  • stories
  • romance
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