The Color of Music        (Completed) by NoahWillow
The Color of Music (Complet...by NoahWillow
#7 in abuse; highest rank First book in the "Color of" series (Completed) Fair warning, this novel contains the topics of abuse. You could assume a lot about...
  • abuse
  • girl
  • harassment
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Why me???? by abeeha007
Why me????by bellz
My name is rose Smith. I'm a 11 years old girl. I have one big brother and one big sister. I am sexually abused by my cousin and then by my brother shocked right yes thi...
  • mystery
  • girl
  • wattys2018
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[#4 on Spiritual🔥🔥 On 24 September 2018] "Why is everybody avoiding me because of my voice? Was I the one that created myself? No. I was ridiculed, humiliated, ha...
  • spiritual
  • jealousy
  • parents
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My Name Is Alexander [LAMS] by Purple_Ghost_1782
My Name Is Alexander [LAMS]by Dear Boy
Alexander was now living with the Washingtons, they had recently adopted him a few months ago. Lafayette was like Alex's brother, he was also adopted by the Washington...
  • hercules
  • harassment
  • maria
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The Motel [ Klaine Fanfiction ] by SabrinaMalacara
The Motel [ Klaine Fanfiction ]by BabylonQueen
A number of boys that get involved with evil men that are attracted to young, innocent and vulnerable boys. Under the cover of a hotel, the boys are set on by these olde...
  • derrenchriss
  • selfharm
  • klaine
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Sheer by sprinkleofhayat
Sheerby sprinkleofhayat
When Lahar's best friend decides to host his bachelor party at a brothel, Lahar has no choice but to go. He's just unwillingly locked in a room with a prostitute for fou...
  • humanity
  • abuse
  • bangladesh
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Better watch out Imagines  by jdjdjdjdjdjdjjdjds
Better watch out Imagines by Issa
Better watch out Imagines.
  • 2017
  • levimiller
  • friends
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Darkness - {BNHA} Evil deku fan fiction by DekuSunshine
Darkness - {BNHA} Evil deku fan fi...by Sophie
Darkness filled my head, no thoughts came in or out. Just emptiness. Where am I? I can't see or breathe, my eyes being forced shut by cold waves. Under water? How...
  • villain
  • âu
  • evil
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It's All in the Past (Baldi x Teacher Reader) by Raven9854
It's All in the Past (Baldi x Teac...by Raven9854
It feels like it was only yesterday when (Y/N) attended the dreaded school called Here School, but in reality, it had been a full 8 years since they had last stepped bac...
  • bullying
  • baldi
  • depression
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REVERSE | ✔ by paperhigh
REVERSE | ✔by hamna
❝He knew what he was doing. He wished he didn't.❞ a bully's perspective. Ⓒ 2015-16, paperhigh. Highest Ranking: #22 in Short Story [26/05/16]
  • friends
  • popular
  • anxiety
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Satomi's Life by YoungandChildish
Satomi's Lifeby JackFrost
Satomi Sakura is a gay omega. He has a little brother and sister who love him very much along with 3 older brothers who are very protective. But life I not as good as it...
  • teen
  • mpreg
  • school
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For You by youngfreeandliving
For Youby Sophia
This is my goodbye to you.
  • summer
  • mẹ
  • harassment
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The Bad-Girl Game by GalaxyCiatriss
The Bad-Girl Gameby Phoenix Circus
Pretty, smart, and independent 14.5 year old known as Blair is your typical bad-ass. Muscular, strong, and hot Aiden is new in Ronica City and his eyes instantly went to...
  • teenfiction
  • badgirl
  • bullies
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Darling you're perfect by SkinnedjeansKat
Darling you're perfectby Lovestar
  • self
  • truelove
  • bullying
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(Midoriya x Bakugo)All For You by FreedomKing4568
(Midoriya x Bakugo)All For Youby King
A fan fiction about a very conflicting pairing of Katsuki Bakugo and Midoriya Izuku. When looking at the surface of their relationship-it seems nothing but toxic. But w...
  • myheroacademia
  • sexual
  • bullying
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The Ubermensch #PHTimes2019 by JubeiWP
The Ubermensch #PHTimes2019by JubeiWP
"I'm not like everybody else." A messed up twist of paranormal romance between two unfortunate souls fated to save and slay each other by the will of destiny...
  • beastiality
  • trends
  • assume
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My Romance Life by destielsmutlover
My Romance Lifeby Levi Winchester
Explaining the romance part of my middle school and high school years that changed me so much.
  • harassment
  • depressing
  • iliveasadlife
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Scandal (A WWE Fanfic) [On Hiatus] by Pink360x3
Scandal (A WWE Fanfic) [On Hiatus]by NJPWgirl
#1 Ranking in Shinsuke Nakamura category A story that takes place of the Bray Wyatt and JoJo affair. "How could she do this to me...after all i've done for her?&quo...
  • braywyatt
  • lesbian
  • smackdown
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Why am I here? | Gene x Reader | by Alayadestroyer
Why am I here? | Gene x Reader |by Alayadestroyer
Why am I here? I ask myself and my older brother that everyday I was a mistake so why am I still here?!?! Zane hates me and Vylad harrases me along with Garte.... My nam...
  • minecraft
  • suicidalthoughts
  • aphmau
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~| |Cloudy - Skies| |~ by Haredesu
~| |Cloudy - Skies| |~by 🔆KDS🔆
Everyone has there special someone, no matter the circumstances. There is always someone who lights up your life, makes the sky brighter, flowers smell better, and music...
  • seoul
  • leefamily
  • harassment
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